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Since its founding—whether by Brutus of Troy in prehistory or by the Romans in 47 AD—the city of London has always been one of the foremost destinations on any adventure seeker’s bucket list. A cultural hub, the city that was once home to Edward the Confessor’s court, has been an edifying phenomenon from the construction of St. Paul’s Cathedral to the founding of Westminster Abbey, from Buckingham Palace to the modern marvel of the London Eye that allows a bird’s eye-view of it all.

Hardly a secret, these innovative constructions attract crowds from all corners of the world. While many come for the architecture, though, they stay for the art.

London is home to art galleries and museums full of works by modern artists and old masters. Whether your aesthetic leans toward sculptures, photographs, animation, or classic oil on canvas, you can find a gallery in one of the city’s three major art districts.


A short stroll along the riverside from the city centre will bring you to this 1,500-square-foot gem inside the landmark Oxo Tower Wharf, which is itself situated near both the National Theatre and Tate Modern. Outside, visitors are awed with a view of the river Thames. Gallery@Oxo is committed to displaying innovative works of photography, issue-based art, contemporary design, and architecture.  Should guests work up an appetite while ogling the work showcased inside, the Oxo Tower is host to several restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Skylark Galleries

Also located in the South Bank Arts District are Skylark Gallery 1 and 2.  Commingling with Gallery@Oxo, Skylark 2 is in Oxo Tower Wharf, while Skylark 1 is a bit further down the South Bank at Gabriel’s Wharf. Both are artist-led galleries, which means that visitors often find the creators on site and can engage them in conversation, or purchase any piece they like and carry it away with them the same day. This also means that every piece on exhibit is contemporary and speaks with a modern voice. Exhibits are subject to change frequently.

Rivington Place

The Shoreditch district hosts more than 180 galleries, which makes for a truly fascinating cultural experience. If your taste runs to Contemporary and Impressionist art, Rivington Place will not disappoint. Many of the exhibits featured here hint at activism by contributors, such as Autograph ABP, who contributes stunning and inspiring photographs and photomontages.  As with so much else in London, the architecture is half the attraction, and Rivington Place exudes dedication to the preservation of urban culture.

Barbican Pop Art Gallery

Also in Shoreditch is the Barbican Pop Art Gallery, located on Silk Street. This facility offers interactive exhibits and more traditional print work by such celebrated Pop Art icons as Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, and Richard Hamilton.

Wilkinson Gallery

Situated in the charming little “burb” of London’s Hackney Borough, at the end of Vyner Street, the Wilkinson Gallery attracts serious art hounds. Wilkinson Gallery, whose stunning, industrial-style entrance is both modern and unique. Inside, guests are greeted with wide-open space, concrete walls, high ceilings, and eclectic exhibits that are routinely updated.

London is a city full of exciting exhibits for lovers of art of all styles. Hundreds of galleries, studios and museums await throughout London town, just calling to be explored. If you are interested in the Wilkinson Gallery or beginning your tour of this international city where history and artistic mastery collide, find your haven in London at the Palace View luxury vacation rental. From your conveniently located rental space, you can venture out to all of London’s best galleries and museums.

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