Zermatt vs. Klosters. Glitz vs. family-friendly charm. Wondering which of these Swiss destinations is the best fit? While the destinations of Zermatt and Klosters are only 2 hours apart, they offer different experiences both on the slopes and off.

Where Zermatt shines and dazzles, Klosters takes a low-key approach and glimmers.

If your itinerary has more urban aspirations, Zermatt affords many more options. With more nightclubs than any other town in the region, as well as twice as many dining options and superb shopping in high-end boutiques you might not expect to find in a mountain village, Zermatt delivers the glitz. Klosters provides a more quiet, and possibly more relaxing getaway, letting the pristine mountains and their charms to be the main focus of your trip.

When it comes to skiing, both Zermatt and Klosters offer unforgettable ski conditions and picturesque panoramas; these are the Swiss Alps, after all!

Zermatt is the larger of the 2 and features more of the ski culture you may be accustomed to, but to the nth degree of sophistication. With more runs, a terrain park, and a large selection of trails for beginner, intermediate, and expert skiers, Zermatt also has more to do than just skiing and snowboarding. Here you can try your hand at curling, sledding, snowshoeing, as well as ice skating.

While Klosters is the smaller of the 2, it offers more lifts and just as many beginner and intermediate trails, but die-hard experts are better off in Zermatt. If youre seeking a smaller, more intimate experience on the slopes, Klosters is your best bet. If you want to see and do more than just ski or snowboard, Zermatt may be the way to go.

Although skiing lasts through the summer months in Zermatt, we realize that mountain destinations have a lot to offer in the other seasons, as well. Hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are fabulous endeavors in both towns.

Whichever you choose, Time & Place homes in both Zermatt and Klosters offer remarkable retreats for you to make enduring memories with your friends and family.

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