Time & Place acts as your personal liaison to some of the most amazing properties in the world. Coupled with the immaculate weather of springtime, May is the perfect time to plan your next boy’s adventure, girl’s weekend, or family getaway. 2015 has been one blisteringly cold winter storm after another. Now that the weather is turning to more pleasant spring temperatures, it’s time to bust out the swimsuits, fishing rods, and hiking boots because Time & Place has your next, warm-weather getaway covered.

Our featured properties for spring include some marvelous locations, from Tuscany to Aspen and Los Cabos to Jackson Hole. Your ultimate vacation is just a few clicks away. With all of the amazing locations available, the hardest decision to make is deciding whom to bring! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the perfect vacation ideas for May. Settle in, we have some guy’s trips, girl’s vacations, and family getaway ideas that will have you packing your bags today!

Guy’s Trip to Jackson Hole

The slopes of Jackson Hole are world renowned, but the challenging downhills are just the beginning of the awesomeness that could be your next guy’s trip. Known as Jackson Hole’s biggest secret, springtime offers so much adventure without the normal winter crowds.

The cuisine of Jackson, Wyoming is truly something to behold. With over 100 restaurants in the area, including amazing wine tasting rooms and fresh bakeries, all the foodies in the group can enjoy the best food in the state. Your Concierge can assist with recommendations and reservations.

Because it’s a guy’s trip, we need to get the adrenaline pumping. With that said, let’s hit the waters of Jackson Hole. Rafting and kayaking tours are readily available for your entire group. Test your skills on the white-capped rapids or take a leisurely stroll down the river. Regardless of your intentions, Mad River Boat Trips and Rendezvous River Sports  have you covered. This adventurous escape from civilization is the perfect way to connect with your inner man. Thanks to the refreshing waters of the Rocky Mountains, kayaking is a must-do in Jackson, WY.

Yellowstone National Park is the crown jewel of the United States’ park system. Take advantage of its accessibility in the springtime to discover its natural beauty. Biking through the park is the best way of seeing all that Yellowstone has to offer. With access restricted during the winter months, snow removal in the spring allows for riders to find adventure in new areas that are closed most of the year. Tours are available, or you can use your inner compass to navigate the park. Either way, Yellowstone is an intense way to connect with nature.

Girl’s trip to Tuscany

Husbands and kids are great for laughs, memories, and love; but there comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs to get away with the girls to have an adventure of their own! Time & Place, has made the ultimate girl’s trip possible with the luxury and beauty of Italy.

What could possibly impress your family more than going to Tuscany, Italy and coming home with the skills to cook pasta from scratch? With cooking classes abundantly available in Tuscany, you can learn the secrets and tricks to fine Tuscan cuisine with the company of your best girl friends. One of the most popular trends in cooking classes is to have the class come to you. With Kitchen Chez Nous, the class comes to your amazing Time & Place vacation home. So bust out the wine and prepare yourself for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Tuscany is the most prestigious and well-regarded wine regions in the world. I would be remiss not to mention the amazing wine tours offered in the Tuscan area. With English speaking tours, finding the gems of Tuscany is not hard to do. Tuscany’s wineries showcase miles of perfectly lined vineyards, as well as medieval era castles and landmarks to remind you of the intricate history of the area. Tours are the perfect way to navigate the world-class wineries while soaking up the breathtaking landscape. The best part is that the tours are directed by (sober) guides, so taste to your heart’s desire!

With the ability to plan amazing activities, or simply choose relaxation this spring, your girl’s vacation to Tuscany is sure to cast away your winter blues. Tuscany has all the delicious ingredients to make an amazing trip that you and your girlfriends will remember forever. Please contact Time & Place to check availability and plan your getaway today!

Family Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is known as the spring break destination for all those looking for a place to party, but with the luxury of Time & Place rental villas, Cabo has now become your relaxing, scenic destination for the whole family. All of the Time & Place properties in Los Cabos feature private decks and pools, eliminating the riffraff of the college students at the resorts. With amazing views of the ocean and luxurious outdoor seating areas, the kids can enjoy the pool while you enjoy your favorite Dan Brown novel and a glass of fine Tequila.

Just because you are enjoying the peace and quiet of your Time & Place villa doesn’t mean the kids have to be tied down to the house. Cabo offers something for everyone in the family! Located on the main beach of Cabo San Lucas, Banana Boat rides are a fun, exhilarating ride around the Bay of Cabo with a local boat driver trying his best to bounce the passengers around a bit. Depending on the age of the kids, Banana Boat drivers are willing to go easy on the passengers, or go really fast in hopes of sending riders sky-high, crashing into the blue waters of the bay. Along with the Banana Boats, jet-skis and kayaks are available to do some exploring without a guide. Rentals are easy to acquire, and a relatively cheap activity, but offers they type of thrill ride that Mexico truly does best.

Downtown Cabo is a fun mix of traditional Mexico and the hip lifestyle of California, with traditional eateries surrounded by world famous nightclubs. Bars and restaurants line the harbor, while mariachi bands serenade guests enjoying sizzling fajitas. The nightlife of Cabo is matched only by Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro, so the party never stops until you want to retreat back to the peace of your Time & Place villa.

Just a short plane flight from most United States cities, Cabo San Lucas is the best way to go and see the Mexican coast with the comfort of Time & Place. Contact our reservation experts and plan your families next vacation today!



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