"Our only regret was not staying longer. We have been spoiled, which means the only solution will be to return again for more further wonderful care."

George & Liz, Guests

Being a well traveled couple, we have experienced all forms of exclusive amenities and luxury five star services.

Our romantic getaway to the Sonoma and Napa Valley together almost ended as quickly as it had began because of the limited time to plan it had it not been for Olivia, the agent, who somehow was able to work miracles. Not only did she listen, taking into account our every need and requirement but found us a beautiful property on such incredibly short notice during high season was astounding. I have to admit I did have reservations still… holding my breath as we drove there. Our hesitation/fears quickly evaporated as the hillside gave away and the curtains open on the right to this beautiful spacious estate sitting on a gorgeous luscious watercolor green lawn. Notably the ONLY property with such vibrant green grass during this fall season. Its layout was just the perfect amount of oasis seclusion for a romantic getaway without prying neighbors or the close noisy bustling proximity of city life.

Erica, our gracious property hostess, greeted us at the door welcoming us into the property with a walk through to each room so that we would not have to spend several days playing lighting and heating games with the controls. Our surprise continued when Erica led us into the kitchen where we were pleasantly amazed with several welcoming delicious arrays of local cheeses, meats, fruit and wines. Having traveled extensively, the care and welcome that went into making our stay at this property surpasses all of the five star hotels and concierge service we have ever stayed at. And that was just the beginning of our white glove treatment. The guest house was no slight one bedroom property with the bare necessities but an extended home with all the amenities of the full size property. The builder execution of the main property’s layout was perfection! We both share a love of all things culinary with the understanding that friends and family always gather around the kitchen for intimate conversations and dinner. What better layout than this kitchen with its open windows to the infinity pool outside. Every day was spent enjoying the warmth of the sun and infinity pool with a daily surprise afternoon visit from guests (two gorgeous stallions). The most difficult part of our stay was deciding which view was more spectacular, the evening stars and city lights of Santa Rosa from the master bedroom’s windows or the spetacular view from the infinity pool’s millions of dancing stars reflecting the city lights off the water like diamonds sprinkled on the black velvet of the night. Our only regret was not staying longer. We have been spoiled, which means the only solution will be to return again for more  further wonderful care.

Words cannot say how much you have made our romantic getaway a memorable experience for us.


-George & Liz, Guests at Palm Vista Estate in Sonoma County

Charleston, SC


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