One of the best times of year to come to Florence and surrounding areas is springtime! Businesses that have closed down for the winter season are opening up their doors with vitality, ready to welcome you with open arms. The amount of visitors in Florence during the spring is much lower than during the summer months and the temperatures are perfect, not too warm and not too cold so you can take in this magical Renaissance city with comfort.

March you will start to see some exciting events popping up, starting with Taste 2016 which is dedicated to Italian specialty foods. It is an exhibition of over 300 suppliers showcasing the best food and beverages that Italy has to offer. This is a foodie paradise and is taking place from March 12-14.

On March 25 is the holiday “Capodanno Fiorentino” which is Florentine’s New Year. On this day, the Florentine Republic holds a procession winding through the center of Florence ending at the Basilica of the SS Annunziata. On the same day, the SS Annunziata square will be hosting the traditional market for the day.

This year, Easter Sunday is early and falls on March 27th. In Florence, every Easter Sunday there is the annual tradition of the “Scoppio del Carro” which translates to Explosion of the Cart. This is a tradition that dates back 350 years ago and is thought to provide luck and good fortune to the city and its residents.

In April, Maggio Musicale begins with various shows and operas playing throughout the city. For the  foodies, this is when strawberries are harvested and the local gelaterias showcase their wonderful gelato di fragola or strawberry gelato. April 25th is Liberation Day, the day when Italy became a unified state. It’s celebrated much like the 4th of July in the United States. There are fireworks and parades going on during the day. On April 30th is Notte Bianca which is a day dedicated to various cultural activities and shows that take place thought the night. Many shops participate in the event  and remain open until the wee hours of the night!

The Italy Hosts particularly love the month of May because this is when the annual Gelato Festival takes place. Here you will find all the top gelato suppliers showcasing their products and of course, sampling is encouraged! The dates have not been established for 2016 but it usually takes place mid-May. Also in May is Notte Blu or Blue Night which is another way of saying Europe Day as blue is the color of the European Union flag. This event celebrates the anniversary of the foundation of the European Union which took place in May of 1950. There are live concerts, open-air dance performances, art exhibits, workshops and more.

These special events only happen once per year in Florence and Tuscany, but what never changes: the sunsets are always pink, the wine always flows and the food always excites your taste buds. There is never a shortage of reasons to come to this spectacular destination!

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