And then theres the quiet. Because youre not in a hotel at all. The only sound you hear is the sound of hoteliers all over the globe quaking in their boots. Why? Because staying in a high-end hotel for business or pleasure – is so 2013. As any luxury excursionista worth their reward club miles knows, luxury vacation home rental is the New Black – Book it!

You can relax in a luxury home/villa rental. No one shares your walls. 7AM cartoons blasting from the flat screen? Those are your kids you can hush, not the ones in the room underneath you. Same with the all-night rock-out. That’s yours if its anyones at all. Walk to the kitchen in your skivvies if you wantno need to answer the door or tip a waiter. Valet parking fees? Room service fees? Wifi fees? Gone like designer shoes on sale. No getting nibbled at the edges with costs. A villa has it all, built in.

And built-in big. Real sitting rooms like at home. A dining room and terraces, maybe, with lounges and views. You can hang up your gorgeous things if you want to; rack your shoes, stow your purses, arrange your ties. Not in a nook tucked behind a tiny space with a toilet like hotels have, but in real closets, where your personal art isnt crushed and you can see it all, just like at home. Pro-style kitchen? The menu is all yours. Have a party and invite friends. Let the concierge find a chef who will come to your place and whip up a culinary feast with all that cutting-edge kitchen gear. Traveling with more than you and yours? No problem. Try fitting a cocktail party into your hotel room!

Luxury home rental guarantees not just space (just space, as if that were something that didnt matter) but personal attention. The kind of attention you get from fashion that fits you like a glove and knows the contours of your hand. Personal like that. But savvy, too: a rental that thinks about you as part of the art, in the way that smart clothes dont make you feel dressed so much as beautifully rendered.

All that space comes with your own concierge. Your personal guide to all thats good in your chosen destination. That concierge downstairs in the hotel lobby? He isnt yours so much as he has to belong to everyone. He knows you like he knows the restaurants on the mimeo sheet he gives you when you ask whats good and local. As in, not so much.

But with a premiere luxury company like Time & Place, concierges take the time. No mimeos. You get as much or as little interaction and guidance as you want. Phone calls, texts, a handshake if you want; a good looking-over and a quick chat about your tastes. They arent just there for a job; they LIVE there! It’s like having access to a living database. Someone who really knows where a walkable lunch with locavore fare is, and can get you a table tout de suite. Who knows that caf where Kate Spade sometimes gets her morning cappuccino. Who knows whom to call, how to set you up, how to listen to what you, and you alone, need.

Anyone with discerning taste wants a luxury home vacation rental. It fits; it feels good. It looks even better. You can move around in it. Not like something off the rack. Its just like those Tom Ford shades you picked out. The ones with Comet Blue lenses you had custom-adjusted just for your face; your eye-line. They are all yours; personal and right. They make you look smart wherever you wear them, and you wear them wherever you go. Like to Paris, Buenos Aires, Nantucket

Contact the savvy travelers at Time & Place for rates and availability!

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