Time & Place is proud to showcase our amazing properties in Tuscany, coupled with the amazing views and the culture of the region. Our Tuscan villas come well equipped to handle any large group looking for that one-of-a-kind experience in Italian wine country.

With delightful and elegant living spaces, Villa Colline is the perfect home for any large group traveling the Italian countryside. Sprawled out over three levels and with a separate guesthouse, Villa Colline can house up to 18 people comfortably. But not to fear, even with 18 people in the villa, the extensive space offers amazing peace and privacy from the rest of the world, and the rest of the villa! To be warned, upon arrival, it becomes increasingly more difficult to explore Tuscany once the group finds its way onto the sprawling stone terrace overlooking the countryside, and the wine begins to flow around the private pool.

Villa Colline is the ultimate villa for your group of 15 or more, but not all group vacations need to involve the entire company, the in-laws, or that second-cousin that you never really liked. At Time & Place, we have you covered with another amazing villa, fitted to sleep 10 people comfortably, leaving you enough room to invite whom you’d like, and conveniently homey enough to convey the need for privacy to those you don’t want to invite. Villa Oliveto, located just 15 minutes from Florence, is a gorgeous Italian villa with sprawling views of the olive groves and neighboring farms, in addition to the skyline of Florence and its famous Duomo.

Here are some recommendations we have for your group to see and do on your Tuscany vacation:


One of the most beautiful cities in the entire world just so happens to be located in one of the most beautiful regions in the entire world. Florence, the capital of the Italian Renaissance is located just about 20 minutes away from the Time & Place villas and is home to dozens of world class museums, historical landmarks and monuments, as well as the world famous Piazza del Duomo. Florence is a must-see for all members of your group. There are plenty of tours available spanning from small private tours to large coordinated tours, or you can take to the streets of Florence with little direction, and let yourself get lost in this enchanted city. From kids to friends, Florence is sure to offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Wine Country

The reason most large groups travel to Tuscany together is to enjoy some of the best wines in the world, and that is totally fine with us. Drinking and travel usually go together well and because Tuscany is world renowned for its wine production, you and your friends are looking down the barrel of a great vacation for.

Wine Tour in Tuscany, a locally run tour group, offers the best in wine and food tours around the Tuscan region. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, we cannot emphasize enough the value of a guided tour around the vineyards and olive groves that litter the countryside. For any group with 10 persons and up, a tour is the best way to get around the region and see the best of what Tuscany has to offer via the convenience of a bus and a (sober) driver. Wine Tour in Tuscany is owned and operated by Donatella, a young and charismatic Italian woman, born in Tuscany. Donatella offers a very unique and authentic perspective on the all the nuances of Tuscany and Italian wine region.

For more information on Tuscany group activities and our properties, please contact Time & Place today!


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