Traveling with kids can be challenging, to say the least. We’ve come up with a list of our top 5 tips for traveling with kids so your summer can be blissful and drama free. Introduce your kids to the beauty and adventure of exploring new places!

Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Estate in the Vines – Sonoma County, CA

1. Wide Open Spaces: No, we’re not talking about rambling prairies, what we’re referring to are the spacious accommodations that a luxury vacation rental has to offer. Is there anything worse than corralling kids in a tiny hotel room? Oh yes, paying for 2 tiny hotel rooms because you’re traveling as a family of 5 (or more).

Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Cielos 80 – Los Cabos

2. Sleep. Glorious Sleep!: Does the satisfaction of sleeping in on vacation wane as we grow older? No! If anything, the desire for a deep, peaceful sleep grows even stronger. With a vacation rental, usually everyone gets their own room. With high-end linens. And a view.

Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Imerovigli Villa – Santorini

3. Extra Extra: Sure, complimentary cardboard muffins and watered-down coffee are all great when you stay at a hotel. But what if we told you that the perks than come along with a vacation rental include things like… your own pool! Game rooms! In-home theaters, hot tubs, and walking to the beach or the ski slope are pretty fabulous, too.,noble-ranch

Eagle Manor – Vail, CO

4. Hunger is a Pain: Luckily, our wonderful vacation rentals come with gourmet kitchens that are fully-equipped with everything you need to make meals or snacks at home. The ability to keep snacks on hand and cater to any picky eaters can really make a difference in your kids’ mood. And probably yours, too!

Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Kids

CeBlue Villas at Crocus Bay – Anguilla

5. The Great (Un)known: With Time & Place luxury vacation rentals, you can be confident that you’re walking into a home that has been fully-vetted and meets our high standards for luxury travel. Don’t leave your accommodations up to anonymous online reviews from travel sites with massive databases. Choosing one of our homes ensures that you are getting the best of the best. Not only that, but our homes all come with complimentary Concierge service to make your stay beyond memorable. Need a family-friendly restaurant recommendation? Done. How about a baby-sitter so the adults can enjoy a night out? No problem. What about an activity to please both your adrenaline-addict daughter and beach-bum son? Got it! Transportation, itinerary assistance, and more are all at your service. Without those things to worry about, you and your family can start to relax as soon as you arrive.

There’s no better time to book your luxury vacation rental with Time & Place. Leave the tiny rooms, cramped accommodations, and hassle of hotels to those amateurs. Now that you’ve unlocked the secret to fun family travel, let the good times roll! At home or abroad, there’s no better gift than time with family and the memories you make exploring new destinations together. Contact Time & Place to book your next family vacation rental home.

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