The reputation of Aspen, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, has been built around quality of life. The Aspen lifestyle echoes that of skiing, hiking, healthy food and spirit regeneration. This unique philosophy and art of living are very appealing to travelers worldwide.

The majesty of the nature surrounding Aspen will inspire you to take care of the body and mind, and then forget about all the tensions of your daily routine.

A spa treatment is the ultimate indulgence you may offer to yourself and Aspen has a collection of high-end spas that stand up to its reputation. Here is our selection of the best spas in Aspen:

The Snowmass Club

The Snowmass Club provides state of the art athletic club and spa programs. Here you will find all you need to fulfill your quest for wellness. This spa provides a large variety of beauty and relaxation treatments to rejuvenate yourself, ranging from facials to therapeutics massages, including Swedish, sports or pregnancy. While booking a spa treatment, the Snow Mass Club will allow you to take advantage of the sports and fitness facilities which offers yoga and Pilates classes, personal training, swimming and water gymnastics classes. The services offered also include indoor and outdoor hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas. The spa is part of a beautiful golf setting, located in the lovely Snowmass Village close to Aspen. If you wish, you will be able to spend the whole day there thanks to the multiple restaurants and bars available on site.

Top 3 Aspen Spas: Time & Place Luxury Travel Guides

Aspen Club and Spa

This true temple dedicated to wellness is spread over 77,000 square feet. It is one of the most popular in the country. The spa appears as a serene and intimate open-aired Japanese pagoda. Here, you will find a full program of mineral, oxygen and thermal treatments. The spa has even developed very specific scrubs and wraps. In the full range of massage, you will have the choice between classic deep-tissue or more specific massage-styles including Shiatsu, Thai and balancing herbal Ayurvedic ones. The Aspen Club and Spa is also a good choice to primp for a gala in town. Fun fact: this health center has recently been patronized by one of the New York Yankees players, Alex Rodriguez, while recovering from knee surgery.


3 Top Aspen Spas: Time & Place Luxury Travel Guide

Remedes Spa

After stepping through the doors of the St Regis Resort of Aspen, you will discover the Remedes Spa. You will be welcomed as an exclusive guest as if everything had been set to make your visit a delightful experience. This luxury beauty property offers customized treatments and high-end technologies blended with the quintessence of refinement. This sanctuary offers:

  • 15 treatments rooms
  • couple’s treatment room
  • sauna with fresh and warm pools
  • fitness center
  • confluence pool with a relaxing waterfall
  • yoga studio

The spa was nominated as the Best Spa in the World by the Travel + Leisure magazine.

Beyond the beauty and scenery offered to visitors, Aspen has built a solid reputation around health and well-being. This ski area is the ideal destination at any time of year for those looking to feel healthier and rejuvenated during a marvelous holiday! When you book any Aspen vacation rental home with Time & Place, your Concierge can arrange any of these luxurious spa experiences for a trip you will never forget. Contact the Time & Place travel experts to being planning your Aspen getaway.


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