A little flexibility and an open mind are all you need to score fantastic luxury travel deals. Traveling during the shoulder season (in this case, April and May) is a great way to save money on both airfare and lodging. And, as a bonus, you get to enjoy a first-class destination and accommodations while avoiding big crowds. Here are 2 excellent Time & Place luxury travel destinations that will have you packing your bags in no time!


While most people think to visit ski destinations in early winter, Aspen still has prime skiing conditions into April. Depending on snowfall you may see the resorts push back closing dates, but rest assured, even when the lifts have stopped running, there’s still plenty of snow on the ground to try snowshoeing and other alpine adventures, not to mention the lure of Aspen itself. Take advantage of that famous Colorado sunshine and stroll around the charming town, popping into art galleries and high-end shops. The dining scene is perennial and you could easily dub your April or May vacation a “Foodie Getaway” with the premier culinary offerings in Aspen. And with ample spas on hand, you may just find yourself enjoying the Springtime version of a ski town more than you thought possible.

Los Cabos:

A beach vacation in April and May gives new meaning to the phrase, “shoulder season.” Shed your sweaters and bring the bikinis out of retirement; the sun and sand are calling! With Spring taking its sweet time in certain parts of the country, (sorry, East Coast), what could be a better cure for a long, drawn out winter than a trip to Los Cabos? Picture yourself with margarita in hand as you settle into the hot sand with waves tickling your toes or kick back poolside. April and May are prime times to visit this destination as you avoid the rowdy Spring Break crowds and the swarms of travelers the area sees in the dead of winter. With gorgeous weather and no threat of hurricanes, this might just be the best time to visit Los Cabos.

So there you have it, the secret to luxury travel deals and a few top destinations to get you daydreaming about a shoulder season escape! Where will you go this Spring? Contact Time & Place today to book one of these fabulous destinations for your next unforgettable vacation.

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