Like many Caribbean countries, Dominican Republic food uses the freshest ingredients to create their own unique cuisine. Fresh fruits and fish are the cornerstone of any Dominican Republic diet, with most of the ingredients shown in the restaurant coming directly off the island.

Because of its incredible history, the Dominican Republic has a very particular type of cuisine, a mix between traditional Spanish dishes and Caribbean spices. The most popular and highly rated restaurant on the island is Passion by Martin Berasategui, a high-class establishment that uniquely mixes and matches the cuisine of Spain, with a Caribbean kick to it. With an amazing wine pairing menu, Passion is perfect for the adults in the family, while the kids can enjoy their own, Dominican meal. Overlook the Caribbean Sea while eating and drinking the best the Dominican Republic can offer.

If Passion, is too formal for the whole family, take a trip to Cabarete and visit Gordito’s Fresh Mex. This small, Mexican establishment is the perfect place to eat the freshest of ingredients while maintaining the ability to wear your swimsuit! With overwhelmingly positive reviews, Gordito’s is the place to be if you are looking for authentic and fresh Mexican food. The fish is caught fresh daily, so when you order the fish tacos, please note that your meal is straight out of the ocean. With prices relatively low, the family can chow-down to their heart’s desire, just don’t fill up on chips and salsa beforehand!

If you find yourself in the Dominican village of Sosua, Restaurant Casa Veintiuno is a must visit. Seated overlooking the pool, Casa Veintiuno is the optimal location to enjoy both the weather of the island, but also the draw-dropping sunset that encapsulates the island. This authentic Dominican restaurant is the premiere dining option in Sosua, with fresh ingredients and a wonderful environment, every member of your family or group will find something that they will love.

Personally, my favorite part of travel is to try new and exciting cuisines of the area, the Dominican Republic is no different. With such an interesting history and culture, the Dominican people have created their own, unique set of tastes, corresponding to the unique set of people that call the island home. Although, I have gone through 3 potential restaurant options, the island is littered with amazing eats, marvelous views, and unbelievable flavor. With a simple drive or tour around the island, it is impossible to miss one of the hundreds of amazing restaurants that call the Dominican Republic home. With the spring months approaching, book today with Time and Place and you could be enjoying this amazing cuisine for yourself! Start planning with your concierge today!


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