One of the main reasons to go on a vacation is to be able to find some time to kick back and relax. Whether you spend your days soaking up sun on the beach or shredding fresh powder on the mountain, a place to rest and recuperate at the end of the day is always welcome. Here is our pick of vacation rental homes with the best home theater media rooms to ensure that you will be relaxing in ultra-luxury fashion.

Cherokee Villa – Beverly Hills, CA: With such plush sofas, pillows and luscious blankets to curl up in, the chance that you may never want to leave this luxe theater room is highly likely.

Theater room

Cherokee Villa – Beverly Hills, CA


Elk Track Manor – Beaver Creek, CO: This former home of President Gerald Form is certainly not lacking in refined taste, even in its media room. Have a relaxing evening screening movies in this theater outfitted with fine art and state-of-the-art technology.


Elk Track Manor – Beaver Creek, CO


Santa Barbara Beach Club – Santa Barbara, CA: For a real movie experience, you’ll love this vintage-inspired theater ambiance. Forget that you are hanging out in the privacy of your own vacation rental home and not in an actual movie theater. Bonus: you can sit anywhere you want and the drinks come with as many refills as you want!

Theater Room

Santa Barbara Beach Club – Santa Barbara, CA


Bachelor Ridge: Beaver Creek, CO: Cozy seating isn’t all there is in these premier Rocky Mountain digs. This expansive media room also features a billiards table, a kitchenette and a popcorn machine to make sure you stay thoroughly entertained. Gameroom

Bachelor Ridge - Beaver Creek, CO

Bachelor Ridge – Beaver Creek, CO

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