With Time & Place, we make finding the perfect location and finest properties in the world look easy, but what can prove to be more difficult is finding the best places to eat and drink in the charming destinations that our guests visit. Located on the western edge of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful and popular vacation destinations in Central America. The charming downtown represents the cultural heritage of Mexico and the local restaurants encapsulate the spice and flair of Latin America. Time & Place has found 3 of the best dining spots for the Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide that pair well with the luxury experience of staying in one of our vacation rental homes.

Bravos Restaurant Bar

From shrimp and asparagus risotto to chocolate ganache cake, Bravos Restaurant Bar has all the flavors you could want. This eloquent and chic restaurant is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, just 2 blocks from sandy beaches. It is the #1 rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.com because of its continued tradition of high-quality cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. The idea behind Bravos is simple; come in, try something new, enjoy some cocktails, and leave with a smile. This atmosphere is contagious and energetic, transforming your evening into a night you’ll always remember.

Bravos takes traditional flavors from Latin American cuisine and adds a new and exciting take on their dishes. Guests can enjoy anything from seafood, to beef, to dessert items, allowing everyone in the group to find something they are sure to enjoy. Your Time & Place Concierge can assist you with reservations.

Vista Grill

Puerto Vallarta offers breathtaking views from a myriad of different locations. One of the best places to take advantage of the amazing views is from Vista Grill. Located on the hillside above the city, Vista Grill offers guests a romantic and luxurious dining spot with a view of both the city below and the ocean beyond.

Vista Grill is uniquely brilliant in their fusion of Mexican cuisine and fine, modern cooking. The grill combines world class Mexican cuisine with a modern jazz club. Between the food, music and views, guests are sure to find a bit of nirvana in the time you spend in this mesmerizing atmosphere. Although the grill is the ultimate date night location, it is big enough to comfortably accommodate all members of your family or group.

Vista Grill is a must-visit while you enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta; this wonderful eatery perfectly epitomizes what makes this part of the world so special.

Chenan2 Restaurant

Going to Puerto Vallarta and not going to a world-class seafood restaurant is like going to Paris and not trying macarons; it just doesn’t make sense. We’ve found the right seafood restaurant to fill that void in your vacation: Chenan2. Chenan2 is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this vibrant Mexican resort town.

Looking like nothing more than an unassuming, local eatery, Chenan2 is actually a diamond hidden behind its small facade. Inside, guests can find some of the best seafood along the Pacific. Family owned and operated, Chenan2 cooks all their meals with the warm and caring touch of secret family recipes and friendly, attentive service.

Awarded multiple times for brilliant cuisine, the restaurant offers all kinds of seafood including shellfish dishes, fish fillets and mussels, perfectly catering to the seafood lovers in your travel group. Unlike most of the fine dining restaurant in the area, Chenan2 has a fun and energetic atmosphere that feels more like dining with family than dining with strangers.

Your Time & Place Concierge can assist with reservations at these favorite dining spots, or for additional recommendations.  Contact Time & Place to book your Puerto Vallarta vacation home today! Diviértete!

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