Primosten, Croatia, the town located on a peninsula on the Adriatic sea, is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for western travelers. Apart from its amazing history, it is easy to see why the destination is so popular with Time & Place client; the amazing views, picturesque town square, and culturally exhilarating cuisine all make Primosten the perfect destination for your next European vacation.

Jetting out from the mainland, the Primosten peninsula is situated on the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Because of its location, seafood is a staple of the Croats diet. Like many Mediterranean countries, the food served at this Adriatic destination is light and fresh, using only the freshest pastas and fish to complete the Croatian dishes. In Primosten, it is easy to lose track of time and spend an entire afternoon sitting on a cafe patio enjoying the best tastes the Croatians have to offer. Here a few suggestions to get you started:

Konoba Toni

Located directly on the water, Konoba Toni is a Primosten favorite for traditional Adriatic cuisine. Although it is a popular tourist destination, Konoba Toni caters to all those in attendance with the same professionalism and care that the locals have come to expect. From calamari to steak, you are sure to find something on the menu that your taste buds will find divine. With overwhelmingly positive reviews of the staff, the food, and the location, Konoba Toni is the perfect destination to share with your significant other, or the entire family!

Bau Bar

Traveling with the family can be a rewarding cultural experience that all are sure to remember forever, but during all extended trips with the family, the parents need a night for themselves. Luckily, Time & Place has you covered with Bau Bar. Only serving cold drinks, this Oceanside bar is the ultimate romantic destination to grab some drinks and enjoy the immaculate sunset. Located on a pebbled beach, Bau Bar will help you lose track of the time, the day, and all your worries (just don’t forget the kids are still at the villa).

If you’re looking for that hot spot to let loose away from the children: look no further than Bau Bar. The romantic sunsets and pebbled beaches are what bring people to Croatia, but the service and the culture is what brings people to Primosten.

Cooking in your villa

Yes, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to try and taste in the Primosten area, but with amazingly fresh ingredients readily available around the city, cooking in your Time & Place villa can be equally as satisfying. With fresh fish and equally fresh vegetables available at the local supermarket, why not use the fully equipped, luxury kitchen that comes with your Time & Place villa? Sometimes, wearing gym shorts and sandals, and not getting dressed up to go out is the best way to indulge in the culture. Test your skills and your children’s pallets with traditional Croatian recipes, or try out your own using the freshest ingredients in the world. Either way, I promise your kitchen will not let you down!

Contact Time & Place today for all our cuisine-related ideas while you’re enjoying your time in our luxury Primosten villa.

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