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Preparing for a trip to Paris (or anywhere abroad) can be busy and overwhelming to say the least.  With endless lists of what to pack and errands you need to run before your trip, it can be easy to forget some important steps that will make your journey a lot more worry-free. Whether or not this is your first time traveling to Paris or you’re a pro jet-setter, these are helpful reminders to get you into the travelling mind-set as you prepare for your big vacation. Here are 6 tasks you must add to the top of your travel to-do list:

Create copies of important documents  

We recommend having 3 copies of your passport and itinerary information.  Have an electronic version, a hard copy to take with you, and a copy for a friend/relative/house sitter that is staying home.  If your passport gets stolen or if there’s an emergency, this ensures you’ll always have this important information on hand.

Notify your bank

Give your bank a call and let them know which credit and debit cards you plan on using during your trip. This call will only take a few minutes and they will ask you what your travel dates are and where you will be travelling. This simple task will save you the inconvenience of having your credit card blocked because your bank assumed a foreign charge meant that it had been stolen.

Get any medical prescriptions filled

This isn’t something you want to leave last minute as many insurance companies take a few days to approve any extra doses you may be needing for a longer trip. When you have enough medication that you will be needing for the trip, pack it in your carry-on in its original containers. If you’re concerned that you may not be able to travel with a prescription, your doctor can write a note if needed. If you’re susceptible to getting sick, your doctor can often write you a prescription for antibiotics in advance to take if needed. Even though our Concierge can help you get medication at a pharmacy in Paris, it’s always nice to simply be prepared for any unanticipated medical issues.

Do an insurance audit

Travel insurance is always recommended. Check with your homeowner/property and medical insurance to see what they may already cover for travel abroad. Most travel insurances will cover trip cancellation – a great offer in the days of volcano eruptions, airlines strikes and the like- as well as medical, and theft protection. Contact the experts at Time & Place for some affordable and reliable suggestions of providers.

Have a plan for calling/texting/roaming

Many network providers offer international plans and packagers. You will need to call our property managers when you arrive in Paris so they can meet you at your apartment, so it’s important that you have a plan for your cell phone use. If you plan on using a calling or texting app, make sure they are downloaded and ready to go before you even take-off. Maps, language translators and currency converters are also helpful apps to download before you go.

Pre-plan with your Concierge

Time & Place provides Concierge service included in your reservation. This service begins before you even arrive in Paris! Many popular sights and attractions will have long lines. Take a few minutes to email your Concierge and have them book your tickets in advance to the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Crazy Horse or what ever you don’t want to miss, to avoid long lines or sold-out shows.

Now that you’re prepared for your trip, you are going to have the most amazing time! If you haven’t already booked your vacation rental home, contact Time & Place to start planning your next amazing trip today.

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