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Paris is, without a doubt, the most romantic city ever. So imagine the look on your loves face when you surprise him or her with a visit to this City of Light and Love for Valentines Day! Those that enjoy the thrill of spontaneity will delight in the experience of whisking their partner away for an amazing trip, while those whose significant others might want to have a hand in planning the romantic endeavors will be adored for presenting a gift certificate for an unforgettable trip to Paris.

Forget crowded hotels with tiny rooms and overworked staff. With Time & Place luxury vacation rentals you have the undivided attention of your own Concierge as well as the beauty and allure of our gorgeous apartments. Our Concierges can help you arrange every detail of your stay. From dinner reservations to over-the-top activities like private photography sessions and chocolate tours, cruises on the Seine, and scavenger hunts in the Louvre, this trip will be one youll cherish for a lifetime.

Insider Tip: If you and your love havent taken a stroll down the aisle yet, it doesnt get more romantic than popping the question in Paris! Our Concierges have wonderful suggestions about the most romantic places to propose.

For the Classic Romantic: Visiting Parisian landmarks and collecting postcards and images of the iconic sites is nothing new. However, you and your love as the focal point of stunning photographs with famous monuments in the background is a fabulous way to mark your journey together and take home a unique souvenir that you will treasure. Meet your personal photographer who will travel with you to the popular attractions and eternalize these moments. A kiss at every landmark and a photo for each stop will help you to remember this romantic trip for years to come. A starlit dinner cruise on the Seine after your photo shoot and tour is a sweet ending to your evening.

For the Elite VIP: Enjoy special moments from the privacy of your own boat as you tour the Seine River. With a 5-star tasting menu created by a chef just for you, you and your partner can toast each other and your good fortune in love. It will be a night you will never forget as you float down the river towards the illuminated Eiffel Tower that sparkles as prettily as the champagne bubbles in your glass. Sante!

For Families: Cant imagine a Valentines Day trip to Paris without your children? They are, after all, a direct expression of your love! Dont worry; Paris is full of fun family outings that everyone will enjoy. Taste your way through the city and sample the epitome of French cuisine. Enjoy the delicious simplicity of crusty baguettes, the rich depth of velvety chocolates, exquisite olive oils, fresh seasonal fruit, and of course, perfect wine and cheese pairings. Families seeking mystery and intrigue will welcome the chance to explore the Louvre during an exciting scavenger hunt. All ages will appreciate the quest to solve riddles using the Louvres astounding collection of masterpieces. End your adventure with a dinner of traditional French cuisine that perfectly exhibits exactly why Paris is known for its fabulous food!

For the Spicy Couple: Let Paris show you its sexy side with a racy Cabaret show. As your interest is piqued and senses awakened, you and your love can exchange saucy words over glasses of champagne as the show is performed. Continue your evening with dinner at a nearby restaurant or indulge in bottle service in the VIP Club. Lovers in Paris are sure to remember this wild night!

Ready to make this Valentines Day one to remember? Contact Time & Place and give the gift of romantic Paris !

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