/ in Paris

My family has carefully cultivated the desire to live like a local for generations. The incredible rewards instill a desire to return again and again to the same place–its what compelled my 76-year-old grandparents to travel on the Eurorail for six months back in 1963.

When you get beyond tourist-oriented attractions, you find incredible restaurants off the beaten path like Los Agaves in Santa Barbara, traditional dance clubs such as Salon Canning in Buenos Aires, and the very finest antiques and art auction houses in Paris.

The quickest route to these enchanting experiences is local experts like the Time & Place Concierges. With that extra layer of safety, assurance, or translation, our guests can concentrate on the remarkable adventures they set out to find.

Im proud that our Paris concierges have steered countless visitors through Parisian flea markets, locating the perfect antique art for their wall of impressive watercolors, and helped negotiate the price. A trusted Time & Place Concierge can help you live like a local on your next vacation, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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