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Sultry Paris comes out at twilight, and the best way to wind down after a successful sightseeing day is to enjoy a wine-and-cheese tasting at O Chateau, home to the citys coolest wine bar, where you can try a glass from over 40 wine selections. Or enjoy a cocktail in the beautiful “gallerie” of the George V Four Seasons hotel.

Also, youll love the gourmet dinner cruise along the Seine on the Don Juan II Yacht de Paris, the best spot from which to admire this City of Light.

Or perhaps the best view of the city is to be found atop Le Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Indulge in this one-of-a-kind dining experience, representing the epitome of Parisian elegance through contemporary yet accessible French cuisine.

For dessert, you may need to plan ahead since these stores may close early. Make sure to visit several chocolatiers and create a swoon-inducing chocolate tasting back at your Time & Place luxury vacation home. Our favorite chocolatiers include Dalloyau on Rue de Faubourg, Chapon on Rue de Bac, Patisserie des Reves, Hugo and Victor on Boulevard Raspail and Pierre Hermes.

Bon Appetit!

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