Visiting Paris with your children is simply wonderful. With chocolate croissants in almost every corner, Paris will enchant them.

Spend an entire day just trying to explore the nooks and crannies of the Louvre, and your kids will love the brightly colored Centre Pompidou.

Take a boat ride through the heart of the city on a Bateau Mouche or spend an afternoon at the Jardin des Enfants des Halles, a park reserved just for kids.

Paris loves ornate carousels and you will find them scattered all over the city.

Please note that the Metro does not offer elevators so if your children are young, make sure to pack a light-weight stroller. You will need to carry it up and down the stairs, a lot!

Whether you make it here for the flowers along the Champs Elysees in the springtime, or you need to bundle up under a freshly fallen snow, or maybe cool off along the waterfront at the Canal St. Martin, there is no place quite like Paris.

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