We are excited to share with our you a truly magnificent location and an even more spectacular home, perfect for ringing in the New Year! Consider this a last call, because our Kauai home, known as Hale Nene, will surely be around for only a short time longer.

This secluded, gorgeous home gives the sense of pure bliss while being situated on one of the most amazing coastlines in the world. Kauai, the oldest geological island of Hawaii, is known as the “Garden Isle” because of its lush foliage and greenery, which is represented all over the island and used for privacy and ambiance at this luxury vacation villa.

The natural life of the island is what creates the natural beauty and the sense of privacy and exclusivity. In fact, the house is basically encapsulated in a rich and vibrant sea of green. Because the weather in Hawaii is perfection, even in December and January, it is safe to say most of your time will be spent outdoors, and for that, Hale Nene is sublime.

Christmas in Hawaii is like no other destination in the United States. Because of its close distance from the continental United States and its world-class beaches and landscapes, traveling with the family to Hawaii is easy and secluded. The best part of traveling to Hawaii is that you never actually leave the USA, so passports are completely unnecessary. Clients who want to experience a warm-weather climate without leaving the country are in for a spectacular treat.

New Year's in Hawaii

Outside of the villa, guests will find themselves in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Littered with hiking and biking trails, and other outdoor adventures, the island of Kauai never ceases to entertain and amaze. Although, it may be winter during your trip, wearing shorts and t-shirts are commonplace on the island. Say “aloha” to America’s warm weather paradise.

The sprawled out villa is fitted with a full kitchen, perfect for any professional chef or amateur cook alike, and an epic terrace that overlooks the beautiful mountains of the island and the blue water of the Pacific. The patio features multiple deck chairs and seating areas, overlooking the lawn or the private pool. Attached to the far side of the pool lies the hot tub, the ultimate location to enjoy a sunset and a cocktail.

The large outdoor areas are perfect for hosting a New Year’s get away or quieter moments relaxing with your loved ones, if you choose. With breathtaking views of the expansive Pacific Ocean, and a private deck that houses enough room for your entire party, Hale Nene is the perfect setting for your 2015 Christmas vacation.

This New Year’s holiday, don’t get stuck in the same routine. Before it’s too late, contact Time & Place to reserve your spot at Hale Nene.









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