There are very few things that carry the respect and distinction that comes with a Michelin Star. In fact, the acquisition or the loss of a star can directly affect the success of the restaurant. For nearly one hundred years, Guide Michelin (en Françias) has produced an annual guide awarding stars for excellence to select restaurants and hotels. This guide has transformed into an international icon of culinary excellence, attracting tourists from around the globe to these amazing establishments.

At Time & Place, we know that our clients want to experience all that our destinations have to offer. We would be remiss to not point out the Michelin Guide restaurants located near our luxury properties, especially in Paris, the home of about 100 Michelin Star restaurants.

With 38 properties in the City of Light, Time & Place spans 11 arrondissements each catering to a unique Parisian experience. With a wide variety to choose from, each location is in proximity to some of the best cuisine in the world. Here are a few of our favorite Michelin restaurants in Paris to get you started:

Tour D’Argent

Located on the west bank of the Seine, La Tour D’Argent is truly one of the most exquisite and unique dining experiences in the city. Awarded with a Michelin Star, the cuisine is almost as amazing as the view from the dining room. The unforgettable view of Notre-Dame Cathedral, coupled with the legendary Challans duck, make La Tour D’Argent a must visit.

Greeted by a valet parker, each guest is escorted through the lobby of the restaurant located about eight stories below the dining room. The walls of the lobby are filled with signed photos of political icons and celebrity personalities, all of which have previously visited this Parisian icon. After a short ride in the very comfortable elevator, the eloquently dressed staff escorts your party to the table. With a wine list resembling a 1990s phone book, and individually numbered ducks, luxury and sophistication ooze from the walls. Your Time & Place Concierge can secure a lunch or dinner reservation that accommodates your day’s itinerary.


Three Michelin Stars are awarded to the crème de la crème of the restaurant business, and present the best dining experiences in the entire world. Luckily for Paris, nine restaurants have been awarded with the prestigious three star rating, none as impressive and unique as L’Ambroisie. Ambrosia was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus and today the cuisine of Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud have reached similar praise, making the name fit quite well. Located in the confines of a private home, this regal setting is situated perfectly on Place des Vosges.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews and the obvious attention that comes with a three star Michelin Guide, L’Ambroisie has become immensely more popular, but with reservations available, this quant and soothing ambiance is just a simple phone call away.

Traditionally, Paris is known as one of the food capitals of Western Europe, if not the entire planet, but to truly experience the most Paris has to offer, contact Time & Place to book your apartment today, and tomorrow you could be sipping wine, over- looking the most beautiful city in the world.

Pierre Gagnaire

Located just a few blocks from the world famous, Champs –Elysées, Pierre Gagnaire is the perfect fusion between modern décor, and traditional cuisine created by their famous chef, Monsieur Pierre Gagnaire himself. Guests are greeting by valet, and escorted into the gorgeous dining room. Not as traditional as most French restaurants, the interior is a classy display of contemporary décor and modern finishes.

Guests can enjoy the best mussels or chicken in Paris. Paired with a world-class wine menu, Pierre Gagnaire is the epitome of quality French cuisine. In fact, the restaurants prestigious reputation and quality cuisine has built a reputation big enough to attract the eyes of the Michelin food guide, earning the top honor of a three-star restaurant.

Because of its prime location, guests can visit the breathtaking Arc de Triomphe after sharing a few drinks and dinner at Pierre Gagnaire. Or if shopping is more your style, the Champs- Elysées is home to some of the most glamorous shops in all of Europe. Either way, dining at Pierre Gagnaire is the ultimate in French dining and cuisine, located in the heart of Paris.

Let your Time & Place Concierge create a Michelin food experience that will stay with you and your loved ones long after your visit. What better way to sample the innovative style and grace of Paris, than with your taste buds? Contact the travel experts at Time & Place to book your Paris vacation today.



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