Few queries baffle Google. In fact, almost nothing can puzzle the worlds largest search engine; however, ask Google for a list of the best restaurants on Fire Island, the retreat off the coast of Long Island, New York, and the feedback is sparse and scattered at best. Yes, some naive websites have attempted to compile a list. And yes, Yelp acknowledges the existence of dining on the island, but other than that, not much. This is especially odd considering the island hosts nearly a million visitors each summer.

Behind Google’s struggle lies the fact that the island contains 17 separate hamlets, and due to the fact that cars are not allowed on the island (unless they’re permitted for commercial use off-season), these unique hamlets are separated by sandy footpaths. This means if you’re staying on one end of the island, you’re not likely going to experience the restaurants 30 miles away on the other end, unless you’ve decided to turn your vacation into a pilgrimage. This also means that the iconic Google camera-cars have never graced the island, so outsiders don’t really have any idea what to expect. Its something you really must see for yourself.

These unique conditions, combined with the fact that you must reach the island by ferry or water-taxi, elevate Fire Island above other getaways and make it a true escape. The island is a tangle of sandy pathways and boardwalks; even in the villages, shops and restaurants are on pathways rather than roads.

The name Fire Island conjures images of indigenous ceremonies, and wouldn’t make a bad title for the next Hunger Games book, but the actual atmosphere on the island isn’t an imitation of anything; it is an actual anomaly. An additional title has attached itself to the island: The gayest island in the world. But yet again, this name is equally misleading. While the island has a vibrant LGBT community and some truly fabulous history, more than anything, it has become an inclusive creative community open to anybody seeking serenity Families and children included. While certain areas of the island cater more to the gay community Cherry Grove and The Pines, specifically many areas cater to the broader population.

Our Time & Place luxury home, Spatenga Walk, is a refuge perfectly attuned to the uniqueness of the island. This home boasts features developed specifically for this destination by esteemed NYC architects Andrew Kotchen and Matt Berman. The property’s spectacular details an enclosed outdoor shower, an abundant kitchen to fit numerous chefs, a provocative spiral staircase with private porthole bring the magic of Fire Island to life. Not only does the abundance of niceties provide comfort fit for royalty, they offer a way for you to maximize your connection to nature, including 270-degree views of the water. While the island is famously a summer retreat, savvy travelers are quickly learning that the fall and spring months offer their own splendors, and the island is now seeing tourists all the way into Thanksgiving weekend.

Although the property is tucked away near one of the most exclusive communities on the Island, (Water Island, which actually isn’t an island, but a small community) it rests just outside of The Pines, one of the most sought-after villages on Fire Island. It also comes with its own private dock and is within a short jaunt of the beach. With six decks providing breathtaking views of both the Atlantic and the Great South Bay, this naturally luxurious pad puts you immediately at ease. It really is the ideal way to experience one of the most fascinating escapes in the world.

Some things are simply too natural, too organic, for an immature algorithm like Google to understand. So skip the Google search. If you’re looking for your next luxury vacation rental home on Fire Island, you can come straight to Time & Place. We cant wait to host you on one of the most unique and spectacular islands in the U.S.

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