Cassis, France is home to the quiet seaside village with the same exquisite landscape, spectacular cuisine, and French flare as its bolder cousins, St. Tropez and Cannes. With a more relaxed and dreamy pace, days spent in Cassis with Time & Place just seem to melt away. Seasoned travelers, and those new to the French Riviera, will appreciate the unspoiled nature of this Mediterranean gem. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Cassis:

* For Outdoorsy Types:

It doesn’t get any more incredible than the rugged landscape of the calanques that are found in Cassis. The steep limestone walls that jut dramatically from the azure waters of the Mediterranean are a wonder to see. Take in the spectacular views from the hiking trails that run along the top of these inlets, or from the bow of a boat as you approach the majestic scenery from the sea. Either way, nature lovers will be enthralled by this geographic marvel.

* For Oenophiles:

Wine lovers will be thrilled at the chance to explore the vineyards of Cassis. Taste your way through the picturesque terraced vineyards as you decide which varietal is your new favorite. With so few bottles produced, it is rare to find a wine from Cassis outside of the region, so drink up while you can!

* For Foodies:

The South of France is famous for its excellent food and specific culinary style. The must-try meal in Cassis is the local specialty, bouillabaisse or fish stew, which pairs perfectly with a glass of local wine. An outdoor dining area on the quai will make it a meal to remember!

So, which of these Cassis activities should we sign you up for first? Contact the well-traveled team at Time & Place to reserve a luxury rental villa for your next French escapade. Our Concierges cant wait to say Bounjour!

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