I recently connected with Cate and Anthony from New York City to give us a first-hand account of what it was like to stay with Time & Place during their November trip to Paris for a special celebration. Having traveled to Paris before, they wanted a more local – but still luxurious – experience. In their free time, Cate and Anythony run the mouth watering blog, Chez Catey Lou, which highlight’s Cate’s delicious culinary creations and the couple’s travel and foodie-related adventures.  No doubt, the City of Light was an obvious stop to soak up the culinary culture on their multi-destination trip through Europe. Here, our guests share the experience in their own words:

Reason for visiting Paris:

Vacation and to celebrate Cate’s birthday

Why did you choose to stay in a luxury vacation rental rather than a hotel? 

We wanted more space than a typical Parisian hotel offers.  We also were looking to stay in a more residential neighborhood. Most hotels in Paris – particularly luxury hotels – are located near tourist attractions. Also, we were excited about the idea of staying in an apartment for a few nights, to actually get the feeling that we were living in Paris.

What appealed to you about Time & Place

The luxury accommodations, the Concierge service, and the peace of mind of renting from a business rather than from an individual.

Which rental did you stay in and why did you decide to book it?

Beaux Arts. We chose this apartment for its location in the 6th and because of the size. It was also great to have two bathrooms.

What was your favorite thing about the property?

The location was our absolute favorite thing about the property.  We were just a stone’s throw from Les Deux Magots and Cafe de Flore, next door to Laduree, a quick walk to the Seine and just a few blocks from Poilane!

What was your least favorite thing about the property? 

The lack of AC and the loud floors – the old wooden floors were very creaky when we would walk around.  Also, the unit did not have an elevator, so it was a bit of a struggle to get all of our luggage in and out of a fourth floor walk-up.  However, it was well worth it.

Was there anything about your apartment rental that made you feel like a local? 

Just knowing that we were staying at an apartment rather than a hotel made us feel like a local.  It was fun to enter the huge outside door into our courtyard and walk upstairs to our apartment.  We definitely burned off some of the pain au chocolat with all those stairs!

What surprised you the most about your Time & Place apartment rental?

The ease of the check-in process was a welcome surprise. Our agent was at our unit ready to greet us when we got out of our cab, and even helped us with our bags. He briefly gave us an overview of the apartment, and within minutes we were all set, ready to begin our time in Paris.

How do you think your apartment rental made your vacation different from if you had booked a hotel? 

The size of the unit truly made a difference – especially since we were there for five nights.  We were able to spread out and have room to relax.  Also, we went to the local markets and bakeries and brought food back to our kitchen which was such a nice treat.  We also used the washer/dryer, which was awesome because we had been traveling for a week before we arrived in Paris.

Did you use the complimentary Concierge service?

We did, and it was great!  They helped us with several dinner reservations, and were very responsive and easy to work with over email.

We know this was a multi-destination trip for you. Describe the check-in and arrival process once you got to Paris:  

We landed at Orly and called the apartment check-in number to let them know we had arrived.  The agent answered right away and then after that, we communicated by text so that I could let him know once we got our bags and were in the car.  He met us outside the apartment and helped us with our bags (which was great, since our apartment was on the fourth floor and we had luggage for two weeks!) He then gave us a tour of the apartment and showed us how all of the appliances worked.  He gave us some tips about the neighborhood and answered any questions that we had.  The agent was very friendly and spoke perfect English.  It was a smooth and enjoyable check-in process.  We arrived on a Sunday evening, which was no problem – we just had to pay a small fee for checking in after hours.  Departure was simple – just leave your keys in the apartment and go!

What will you do different for your next stay? 

I will request extra pillows and towels!

What advice would you give to someone considering staying at a Time & Place vacation rental?

I would say to go for it!  It is a great value for the money compared to a luxury hotel and gives you the opportunity to stay in different neighborhoods and to live like a local for a few days, while still having some of the comforts of a hotel. It’s perfect for travelers that really want to immerse themselves in a different culture.

Where will your next vacation be?

We are going to Italy and Croatia this summer!  Portofinio, Rome, and Dubrovnik and are still planning out the middle portion of our trip. If you have any favorites in northern Italy (besides Florence/Tuscany/Como/Milan/Venice), let us know!


Thank you so much for sharing Cate and Anthony! To see more of their travels and delicious recipe inspiration be sure to go over to their blog, Chez Catey Lou. To book your own luxury rental home, contact Time & Place for your next special vacation.

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