Its Oscar night. Youre a celebrity. Not a Kardashian, mind you, but a real Hollywood player, like Sandy Bullock. You take points on back-end grosses and walk away with $70 million AND a golden statuette. Boom.

When this Oscar night of nights is over, where do you hang out? For Hollywood insiders, there are a few vintage spots around town where you can chill without being mobbed by fans and press. Classic Hollywood haunts only movers and shake-it, shake-it shakers know about. But even if youre not a star ; even if its not Oscar night YOU can haunt legendary, intimate watering holes and chat up an international film star over craft cocktails. Just be cool, even though youre about to freak. Say, Whats up? to the well-heeled pro on the bar stool beside you. Heres where to go for those who know:

* Dominicks: This charming, cozy cuisinery offers outstanding Italian food thanks to Chef/Co-Owner Brandon Boudet a Chopped champion and Knife Fight winner. The Rat Pack; Bogart and Bacall all downed champagne cocktails here. Dominicks also has one of the most beautiful outdoor patios in all of Los Angeles. Frank Sinatra was one of the original financial backers in 1948 and his presence can genuinely be felt here with the outdoor bar and overhanging greenery.

* Formosa Caf: This classic Hollywood haunt survived impending demolition in the 1990s, and went on to star in the critical smash L.A. Confidential. Russell Crowe got a drink there. It was thrown in his face. By a lady. You can sip yours through a straw if you like. This Chinese-themed bar/restaurant was opened way back in 1925 by a famous prize fighter. Punch drunk never felt so cool.

* Dan Tanas: You could easily blow right past this tiny yellow shack tucked away on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This old school Italian, red-checker table cloth hang-out is purported to be a favorite of George Clooney. He might be there when you arrive, taking a break from his ho-hum Lake Como estate. Though theyre probably not as fun anyway, vegan celebs are unlikely to make an appearance here. Dan Tanas is the kind of joint where you order a big slab of cow and a wine bottle with straw on the bottom. At that table next to George.

* Musso & Franks: One of the oldest epic elbow-benderies, Musso & Franks dates back 95 years to 1919. That pre-dates the Hollywood Sign! Its been suggested writers like to drink, and some legendary ones have tippled here. You might have heard of them: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway to drop a name or a few. Yes, L.A. is infamous for screenplays, but there are booths at Musso & Franks where entire books were written. Today, its still an old-school cool hang for famous patrons.

Now all you need is a reservation and an Uber Black Car. When staying in a fabulous luxury vacation home in the Hollywood Hills, a Time & Place, concierge can arrange all that and a lot more during your stay. Just dont ask the him/her to get you an autographed napkin from Steven Spielberg. That wouldnt be cool.

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