Traveling can be a simple and blissful experience if you know what to pack, and we dont just mean your checked bag. Whats inside your carry-on can make the difference between a relaxing flight and one youd rather forget. Weve compiled a list of our favorite luxe travel items that can make flying a breeze. Stock up for your next adventure, or treat the travelers on your holiday shopping list with any one of these sumptuous choices.

* Noise Cancelling Headphones: Even when the Captain says its time to turn off devices, these game changers still block out the chatty couple across the aisle, the fussy baby in the back, and any other annoyances that are buzzing about. Available in ear buds or full-sized headphones, we love these for their silencing ability as well as the excellent sound quality. Time & Place’s Operations Manager, Nick, never gets on a plane without these Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones and wishes he could use them at work too!

* Cashmere Wrap: Traveling between climates can be problematic, as are the varying temperatures found in airports and on planes. An easy and chic solution is an oversized cashmere wrap. The soft and cozy texture is a comfortable and well-known choice. This lightweight staple can easily be a sophisticated accessory in cooler, winter climates or stashed back in your bag if your final destination is the sunny beach. Choose a neutral color to maximize versatility. Mitch Willey, Time & Place President, thinks these Oversize Knit Cashmere Scarves are the perfect gift for his daughters.

* Moisturizer: Who knew something so simple can make all the difference? Flying and traveling to cold weather spots can wreak havoc on your skin. Avoid the trauma with a luxe lotion or cream to soothe and replenish dry skin. Dont forget, your lips deserve a sweet treatment, too! Time & Place’s Sales Manager, Olivia, always makes sure this lush Crme de la Mer Ultrarich Cream is packed in her overnight bag and keeps this soothing Rosebud Salve handy in her purse at all times.

* Carry On: Now that you know what to pack, where exactly will you put it? A stylish carry on will serve you for years to come and both men and women will appreciate a well-chosen bag. Consider options that are sturdy, yet appealing, as they will be used for years to come. Classic choices like leather and canvas will wear well and look even better with time. If you find yourself frequenting large airports with endless, winding terminals, be sure to find one with a cross-body strap to make your trek more comfortable. Our Marketing Coordinator, Karleen, can’t help lusting after this Longchamp Travel Bag to serve as the one and only carry-on she could ever need.

Now that youre ready with our travel must-haves, which Time & Place destination will you choose?

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