As long as “Summer Vacation” remains a thing, there will always be throngs of tourists visiting Europe’s most popular destinations. But don’t let that stop you. This summer think about the road less traveled and consider these three destinations as a path to deeper cultural immersion.


While Montenegro enjoys its day in the spotlight, this small Balkan country remains charming and truly friendly. Your time here will be anything but sedentary as your exploration takes you from sunny beaches to medieval villages and rugged mountain peaks. Enjoy the spectacular seaside scenery, then take on a kayak trip or a mountain bike ride. And don’t forget your appetite as you won’t want to miss the tasty local meals and the full-bodied wines served in almost every hamlet along the way.

Saint-Emilion, France

Saint-Emilion village, in the Bordeaux region, where wine has been made for more than two thousand years, is still home to many of the most important wineries in the world. It’s a true gem, offering visitors a mix of beautiful architecture, historic monuments, exquisite restaurants, art galleries and, of course, fine wines to enjoy. This region is also a great starting point to explore the South of France. Enjoy day trips to the Bay of Arcachon or to the picturesque villages of the Dordogne Valley. Note: Time and Place guests have access to a beautiful, four-bedroom villa in the heart of Saint-Emilion, known as Chateau des Amis.

Porto, Portugal

Longtime second fiddle to Lisbon, Porto delivers all the cobblestone charm, medieval architecture, and port wine you can handle in this northwest coastal town set along the Douro River. In recent years, Porto has come alive with more foody hangouts, restaurants and nightlife venues than ever before. It is quickly becoming the perfect destination for travelers to enjoy a warm-summer Mediterranean vacation that is easy on the wallet.

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