As the world turns from green to gold, we welcome October and the first full month of Autumn. Celebrate the change in seasons with art, fashion, and music. Here are our top 3 picks for what events to attend this month:

Paris: For one night only, the city of Paris stays up past its bedtime and embraces the change of seasons with a dusk-til-dawn celebration of art, music, and theatrical performances. Nuit Blanche invites you to see Paris from a completely different perspective as art installations are displayed in landmarks across the city. Restaurants get in on the action by staying open throughout the night to keep visitors well-fed and wine glasses replenished. Nuit Blanche begins at 7pm and ends at 7am on October 4th.

Los Angeles: A new season must be met with a new wardrobe. Get inspired at LA Fashion Week with a variety of events and shows. Less fussy than its Paris and New York counterparts, LA Fashion Week welcomes the public to certain shows with red carpet arrivals, live music, and more. Events run for several weeks with the majority of those with tickets available to the public occur October 14-21. It’s easy to fit in with this fashionable scene when you stay at our Beverly Hills or Hollywood Hills luxury vacation rentals.

New York: If you missed SXSW in Austin this Spring, have no fear… The CMJ Music Marathon descends upon NYC for 5 days this month. Discover unknowns (and enjoy intimate performances by bigger names) along with record label execs and other music aficionados as you traverse the pop-up venues, theaters, and clubs to listen to some of the 1,400 performance. A must for any music lover, this is great week to be in New York! Call one of our NYC luxury vacation experts as you explore new venues and artists.

What are your favorite events in October?

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