Fall is an amazing time to travel

Don’t Leaf This Season Out of Your Travel Plans!

Fall is an amazing time to pack some sweaters and a light jacket, grab an apple cider doughnut and head out for an autumnal escape. To a lot of savvy travelers, it is the season for sightseeing … even if you aren’t interested in fall foliage. So put down the rake, pick up a pumpkin and check out four reasons we can’t get enough of fall vacations.

1. You Don’t Have To Share (Space)

With children back in school and many people having spent their vacation time on summer holidays, fall getaways can be blessedly free of overcrowding, particularly in popular destinations. While you may still need reservations for that hot new restaurant everyone’s talking about, checking off your “must-sees” will be a lot easier and infinitely more relaxing.

2. Sweater Weather

Mild temperatures, sunny days, crisp nights … even the occasional cozy fall drizzle is a refreshing change from summer’s heat. Fall weather is Goldilocks-worthy: not too hot, not too cold … juuuuuust right!

3. Food, Glorious Food

It’s called “harvest season” for a reason, and fall is a feast for food (and wine!) lovers. From “crush” in California’s wine country to truffle festivals in Tuscany, most locations abound with occasions to celebrate delicious seasonal bounty. Oktoberfest, anyone?

4. Shoulder Season Savings

Everyone appreciates a bargain, and fewer visitors in fall mean better prices on airfare, attractions and accommodations. Pocket the seasonal savings, or splurge on a special souvenir or never-to-be-forgotten experience. Maybe a hot-air balloon ride over luminous fall foliage?

Need Fall Vacation Ideas?

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