Situated on the Hispaniola Island, this Caribbean locale is the perfect vacation spot for anyone looking for that perfect Dominican Republic vacation. With over 1,000 miles of sandy beaches, fun in the sun has never been so luxurious. Situated on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic is your key to true relaxation!

With an average temperature of 82 degrees, the Dominican Republic offers a variety of attractions for the adults, or the whole family. Although the beaches are the obvious attraction in the area, the Dominican Republic houses plenty of exciting and cultural venues that will enrich your Time & Place experience.

The Dominican Republic is a relatively small country, even with the addition of Haiti, the island is still less than 30,000 square miles. Even with its small size, the Dominican Republic is home to 26 unique and beautiful golf courses. Despite the fact the Dominican Republic is responsible for hundreds of world-class baseball players, the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming the golf capital of the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a few relaxing hours on the links, be sure to contact your Concierge to locate the best course for your vacation.

After spending several utopic hours on the beaches, enjoying both the sunshine and the crystal clear waters, it’s now time to go inland and see what the landscape of the island has to offer. The best way to see the vast forests, historical towncenters, and local restaurants is to take the Rancho Lorilar horseback tours. With a service that comes and retrieves our guests from the Time & Place vacation rental, this experience (half or full excursions available) is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is the Dominican Republic. From experienced riders, to complete horse novices, the Rancho Lorilar horseback tour is the sublime way to spend a day with the whole family. Please contact your Time & Place Concierge for more details.

Aside from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is also home to over 30 waterfalls, perfect for some family bonding and lighthearted cliff diving. The Damajaqua Cascades is home to 27 waterfalls, accessible by a hike, this daylong adventure gives the guests a wonderful scenic tour through the forested hills of the Dominican Republic, eventually cultivating in a wonderland of waterfalls, perfect for cooling down after a long hike! Although the journey to the waterfalls requires some hiking, the view from the top of the waterfalls makes the journey well worth the effort!

Regardless of your vacation intentions, the Dominican Republic offers something for the entire family. From golfing and horseback riding, to hiking and cliff diving, this Caribbean paradise is truly divine.

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