Value comes in many forms. In fact, a Harvard Business Review article from 2016 refers to consumer value as a hierarchy or a pyramid in which the most powerful forms of value live at the top. The article states, “When consumers evaluate a product or service, they weigh its perceived value against the asking price.” It also points out that the fundamental elements of value address four categories of basic human needs: functional, emotional, life-changing, and social impact.

We can all agree that there is value attached to saving money, but let’s consider the other forms of value to consumers. Products and services can also save me time, help me avoid hassles, reduce my anxiety, reward me with fun or entertainment, give me a sense of belonging, even offer self-transcendence.

So, how do these elements of value affect my decision to consider vacation club membership over the alternative… doing it myself? Here’s how.

Save me money – if saving money is your highest priority, then doing the travel planning yourself can usually help you pay less, provided you spend the time to research accommodations, airline travel, transfers and the like to make sure you shop the prices. Be prepared to compare booking online with a direct phone call to the resort hotel or airline. You may realize incremental savings from one approach over the other.

Save me time, save me the hassle, reduce my anxiety – this is where vacation club membership can pile on the value. For me, time is money, so I’m all in when my club is travel planning for me. I provide an overview of what I’m looking for, let them know my “must-haves” and indicate where I’m price sensitive. Then they go to work on my behalf. If something changes along the way or we run into a problem, I have one call to make to get it fixed. Voilà! Time saved, hassles eliminated, anxiety reduced!

Vacation club membership is not for everyone, especially those who take pleasure in and are rewarded by the travel planning process. Any way you book it, the ultimate reward is a fulfilling vacation travel experience to a beautiful destination where you connect with family and friends.

When you’re in the market to consider club membership, we recommend the Quintess Collection which offers luxury travel experiences with no compromises. You can truly have it all, exactly as you wish.

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