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Dry season typically lasts from December to April. There will literally not be a drop of rain for four months. The beginning of dry season is still very green from the rains but by April, most of the countryside in this province of the country has browned out from lack of rain and the highs are near 100.

The rains start in May and green season begins. (By the way, we think that whoever thought of calling the rainy season the “green” season is a marketing genius.) May through mid September will typically have sunny mornings with a chance of light afternoon showers lasting a few hours. Don’t let these showers scare you away: this is a great time to visit. You can always take a nap while it rains outside.

Late September through early November sees thunderstorms and is the rainiest time of the year. Many restaurants are closed for the month of October and owners take vacation or use the time to remodel and prepare for the upcoming season. It is the time of year with the least tourists and most rain.

Rain slows down in late November and while Thanksgiving has a chance of afternoon showers, it is markedly different than rainy October.

Our luxury vacation homes in Costa Rica await your arrival, whenever you choose to visit us. We are waiting for you.

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