Life takes on a charming quality here in the jewel of the South. Suffused with old country hospitality, the grand buildings and historic significance add to the elegant finesse of Americas favorite small-city destination.

Thomas Jefferson knew he was on to something, more than two centuries ago, while the likes of singer/songwriter Dave Matthews and author John Grisham cant stay away! Even the kids will find themselves enamored by the sheer grandeur of Jeffersons legacies, which include a great university and his home, Monticello. Both are architectural treasures included on the World Heritage List.

Other very impressive homes are those of James Monroe, Americas fifth president, and James Madison, fourth president and author of the Constitution. Historic places where your children can learn about our country’s past and then run around the gardens — not a bad combination!

When Im not sitting in the shade of one of the majestic floral trees by the pond, or admiring the historic gardens of Monticello, on a Saturday youll find me browsing the Charlottesville City Market, by far one of the best ‘farmers markets’ around. Here, Ill treat myself to a made-on-the-spot crepe, before making my way to the historic downtown pedestrian mall where Ill explore the rare and used bookstores, grab some lunch, and indulge in one of my favorite activities; people-watching.

An avid food-lover, I cant get enough of the 50-odd locally owned restaurants in this Downtown District!

Perhaps the thing I love most about this town is that there is always something interesting happening.

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