If a persons home is their castle, why cant a castle be a vacation home? FOOD AND WINE seems to agree with us as they’ve just named not one, but two – of our Time & Place villas among their Best Castle Hotels. Ideally located in two of the worlds most desirable luxury destinations California and the French Rivera, these unique properties offer Time & Places trademark blend of architecturally significant estates supported by world-class, at your-doorstep concierge service.

Time & Places French castle, located in Villefranche – a diamonds throw from Nice, Monaco and other gems of the Cote d’Azur – is an absolutely regal estate, complete with a King-sized pool and a rooftop terrace that permits you to visually survey the breadth of your domain. This castle was literally occupied by royalty: the King of Belgium had this home built in 1904. Were thinking – in-between issuing sovereign edicts – he probably thoroughly enjoyed the French Riviera here.

Swinging back West, Time & Places other award-winning castle is a bit more on the modern side with its tennis court and solar heated pool. Located in Sonoma arguably Americas most outstanding wine and cuisine region (dont tell the folks in Napa Valley), Time & Place concierge service for this princely property offers the best-of-the-best chefs, creating an unforgettable meal just for you in your own kitchen! If you want to relax like a tech mogul with a zesty Zinfandel and fresh crudo, tag this phenomenal Sonoma estate in Google maps for your next luxury vacation.

Sleeping up to 10 people, each estate offers eons of room for those generous (and noble) enough to invite friends and relatives to share the vacation of a lifetime.

Queen for a Day is good, but King for a Week (or two) is even better with Time & Places amazing castle estates.

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