Forever on the prowl for the latest in luxury, our trend spotters bring you our top 5 Fabuluxe Finds from seductive Miami.

  • Shake it Up: The Broken Shaker is a James Beard Award nominee that mixes up divine cocktails using garden fresh herbs and house made infusions. Florida kaffir limes and mangoes make cameos in these luscious libations that put a local twist on happy hour.
  • Need For Speed: Miami is known for its flashy car scene and you can get in on the action by spending a few hours out on the racetrack. Choose your luxury car and test your grit as you zip around the speedway.
  • Link Up: With several award winning and exclusive golf courses in Miami, a round of golf should be on your itinerary. If you want to take home a few pointers, why not golf with aPGA Pro who can assist you in improving your game?
  • All Night Long: The nightlife in Miami is probably why you’re here. Celebrity frequented hotspots like LIVMansion, and Story have lines down the block and plenty of booming bass to keep you dancing until dawn. Coveted bottle service is at your fingertips with our connected concierges.
  • The Cure: If you rolled into bed as the sun was coming up, Miami’s fashionable culinary scene can cure you with an impressive collection of restaurants serving gourmet brunches. Multi-cultural influences add Italian, French, and Latin flair to many menus. For some hair of the dog, the winner of the Bloody Mary vs. Mimosa battle is your call!

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