The Time & Place Concierge staff has their fingers on the pulse of foodie culture in premier destinations around the world. We invite you to indulge in the latest crazes to hit the restaurant scene from chic Paris to sunny Fire Island.

* Paris: Tea for Deux
Tea is nothing new, especially not in Europe. But low tea is a hot seat to book at elegant tea houses throughout Paris. Trade in your cafe au lait for a steaming cup of artisan tea. Accompanied by an irresistible offering of light pastries and sweets, this posh event is a relaxing interlude between a cobblestone cafe lunch and a late dinner. Our favorite way to indulge in the famed pastries of Paris, teatime is a lost art that were happy to have back on the radar.

* French Riviera: Locavore Luxury
Farm-to-table is more de rigueur than avant-garde these days, but our friends in the French Riviera are putting a more rustic spin on the concept with the hot foraging for ingredients trend. The bountiful region yields greens, herbs, mushrooms, wild asparagus and more to make your dining experience fresher than can you can imagine. Eating local just reached a whole new level.

* Vail: Keeping Up with Comfort
On the other end of the trend spectrum, the opposite of the vegan and vegetarian furor is the ultimate guilty pleasure: Comfort Food. In the winter, there’s nothing better than a steaming plate of something so rich and decadent that it warms you from the inside out. In the summer, Vail offers so many rugged outdoor activities that you’ll need sustenance to keep up with the rigorous demands of Vail’s sheer peaks and high altitude. 2 of Vail’s premier dining destinations, Larkspur and Kelly Liken deliver on the comfort food trend season to season, so no matter when you visit you can experience the divine pleasure of a fulfilling meal.

* New York, Southern California, and Barcelona: Off the Menu
For a world-class chef to really shine, the restriction of the same menu every day must be eliminated. Chefs that are influenced by seasonal offerings and new culinary ideas are the ones that end up on the cutting edge of this fast-paced industry. The Tasting Menu trend is how these creative geniuses translate their inspiration onto the plates of lucky diners. The epitome of foodie culture, a top chefs tasting menu, is an absolute must-do. This trend is one that has been quickly adopted by restaurants around the world, including the high-caliber destinations offered by Time & Place. Wherever you go, there are plenty of options for experiencing this delicious epicurean movement.

* Fire Island: Vegetables are the New Black
Is it just us, or is everyone on some kind of new diet? The health craze is one that’s been around for ages but is currently seeing a surge in popularity with vegetarian and vegan menus on the rise. If the word vegetarian makes you think of a plate of unrecognizable faux-meat, we understand. The cure lies in skilled chefs that understand how to highlight the natural goodness of simple ingredients, and the award-winning Tula Kitchen on Fire Island does just that. Whether you subscribe to a meatless existence or not, there’s something for everyone at this stylish eatery.

Does one of these oh-so-haute experiences strike your foodie fancy? Contact Time & Place to book your luxury vacation home away from home for one of these epicurean events.

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