We periodically huddle with our far-flung personal concierges and ask them to name a fabulous experience trending in their home city. In this installment The Cocktail Edition we investigate world-beating libations and the hot-spots crafting them around the globe. Tipplers unite!

* Los Angeles: #TBT for Tipplers
Everyday is Throwback Thursday at The Varnish in Downtown Los Angeles. This period-proper speakeasy reminds us of a time when illicit booze ruled the city of angels. Great craft cocktails are complimented by live jazz (naturally) and bartenders dressed in attire reminiscent of the rumble seats and bathtubs of gin. Its much more fun to drink than bathe in it, though.

* Paris: Legendary Libations
The Hemingway Bar in Paris Ritz Hotel is literally legendary for its epic libations and master mixologists. Forbes magazine has named their barman the Best in the World. Hemingway is also the birthplace of the Bloody Mary and the Ritz Sidecar reportedly the worlds most expensive cocktail. Bring a few extra Euros along for this Euro-trip.

* Nantucket: Bog Prince
When you live on an island, you make do with local ingredients. Or in the case of Nantucket islanders, you literally make lemons into, of course, killer Cranberry Lemonade. This simple, yet delicious concoction can literally be created dockside with a top shelf vodka and ginger ale to balance out the naturally tart fruit tones. Then prop your feet up on the cedar deck and enjoy the hushing Atlantic surf.

* Maui: Alo-Ah-Ha!
This totally different kind of island has found an interesting use for its most abundant crop: pineapple champagne. Hula OMaui, the best of the best pineapple sparkling wines, is made from sweet, handpicked specimens of this golden island succor and offers an aroma of lemon zest. This zesty libation was a Gold Medal winner in the 2012 Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

* Fire Island: Drinking High and Low
When someone mentions High Tea and Low Tea on Fire Island, they’re not talking about Earl Gray and scones. No, Low Tea on this LGBT-friendly hamlet gets underway with some serious cocktail curation around 4pm. High Tea then moves the party via water taxi to the exclusive Pines community. There revelers dance themselves into a celebratory crescendo that doesn’t end until about 4AM. Tea never sounded so fun!

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