Is there anything more exciting than strolling through a city and happening upon a street market? What better way to discover the heart of a destination than through the enticing display of fresh food, flowers, and wares and the interesting people who are selling them! With seasonal offerings and handcrafted items, a great market can be the window to a city’s soul. Here we share our Top 5 markets for you to explore on your next Time & Place vacation:

* Best Market for History Buffs: Barcelona

La Boqueria is Barcelonas oldest market, and the vendors schilling their goods are often third, fourth, or even fifth generation stallholders which builds quite a legacy for this bustling market. Taste and smell your way through the stalls and down alleyways as locals and visitors alike explore the wide variety of things on offer.

Dont Miss: At the center of the market you’ll find culinary classes that explore the origin of ingredients and teach you how to prepare them in unique and delicious ways.

* Best Market to End All Markets: Provence

Fresh, fresh, fresh! That’s how residents of Provence (and all of France, really) want their groceries. Which is why the majority of food shopping is done on specific market days throughout the week. Forget the big-box store stock-up – while in France, you must shop like the French! And in this market-centric country, the best markets are in Provence. You’ll find farmers hauling seasonal produce to colorfully adorn tables and other vendors passing out small cups of wine to taste. Samples are given freely as you meander through rows of vegetables harvested only hours ago and olives plucked from nearby groves.

Don’t Miss: Provence isn’t Provence without a visit to its famed markets, but you’ll find excellent markets at all of our Cote dAzur destinations like Cannes, Cassis, Mandelieu, Vence and Villefranche,

* Best Year-Round Market: Buenos Aires

Since stallholders are selling goods rather than perishables, this market isn’t dependent on seasons or weather. Locals and visitors flock to the San Telmo Market for its festive atmosphere. Tables upon tables of antiques and curiosities line the street as you make your way through the rows with live music to accompany your discoveries. Described as magical, San Telmo is a vibrant street market with smiling vendors and happy shoppers!

Dont Miss: Live music in Buenos Aires usually means someone will begin to tango, and the market is no exception. Enjoy or join in – you wont find another market in the world like this one!

* Best Market for Street Foodies: Paris

No collection of the best markets would be complete without Paris on the list. Each arrondissement has its own weekly farmers markets, but which one has the best food? Because isnt most of Paris about eating anyway? Marche des Enfants Rouges is by far the best market to enjoy with an appetite. With ethnic food stalls ranging from traditional Parisian, to Lebanese or Japanese, you will not leave hungry! Follow your nose to whatever smells most appealing and then take a seat at one of the rustic wooden tables to enjoy your food. Your seat affords some excellent people watching, as well as some order-envy as you scope out what your neighbors are enjoying. This is the oldest covered market in Paris and after you taste your way through it, you’ll know how its stood the test of time since its inception in the 1600s.

Dont Miss: The little iron gate! The market is tucked away and can be easy to miss if you’re not careful.

* Best Market to Discover the Next Big Thing: New York City

NYC has long been called a melting pot. This diverse population of ambitious dreamers creates an atmosphere of constantly evolving trends and up-and-comers. And there’s no better place to seek out a wide variety of talent than at the Brooklyn Flea. This market revived the city’s market culture. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind art or clothing, an interesting twist on a culinary classic, or vintage pieces to take back home, this is where the next top designers/chefs/etc are starting out.

Dont Miss: The weekly children’s events make this a family-friendly outing!

If the thrill of discovering something new is calling to you sense of adventure, contact Time & Place today. Our Concierges will have you off and exploring these enticing and delicious markets in no time!

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