We huddled with our far-flung personal Concierges and asked them to name a fabulous experience trending in their home city. In this inaugural installment of 5 FABULUXE FINDS, we give you an insiders inside track on culture, cuisine and cocktail trends that are literally #happeningnow. Heres your first fat helping of fabuluxe skinny:

* Hollywood Hills: Paparazzi-Free Celebrity Sightings
Little Doms restaurant, located in the ritz-ter ‘hood of Los Feliz, is a place to hang with Jon Hamm over spectabulous Italian food infused with New Orleans culinary jazz. A-listers love this intimate dining spot because the staff doesn’t text TMZ every time a celeb shows up for Arancini Balls. In fact, the owners have a policy that prohibits posting celebu-snaps on the restaurants social media feeds. Privacy is key at LDs. You can enjoy rubbing elbows with Hollywoods finest as you bend an elbow to imbibe some of the most imaginative craft cocktails in L.A. What happens at LDs, stays at LDs.

* Paris: Custom Artisan Cakes
Theres actually a way to wear your Rolex and eat one too. The edible version of your Rolex is made from butter and sugar and crafted by one of the Paris most creative pastry artists, Sarah Willer. She specializes in custom-crafted cakes made from whatever you can imagine. 1939 Bugatti with blue icing? Done.

* Santa Barbara: Tacos 2 Die 4
Travelistas dream about stumbling into one of those hidden gems (aka beloved local joints) during their vacation. La Superica Taqueria isnt fancy dining, but it is THE place where everyone from the mayor to your local gardener goes to eat authentic Mexican food in Santa Barbara. This family run taco joint that has been lauded by the likes of Julia Child (yes, you read that right; the goddess of French gastronomy) who grew up in SoCal and basically put La Superica on the foodie map. Do show up early; the line gets long ’round the dining hour.

* New York: Cooking Craft Cocktails
Why limit that emerald-y, delicious olive oil to your pasta or bread? Why not use it to provide a unique flavor profile to your cocktail? Bars in New York like Molyvos feature killer concoctions like the Chios Remedy, kissed with rosemary infused olive oil. Now put THAT on your plate and drink it.

* Buenos Aires: Backdoor Dining
Government bureaucrats be damned, sometimes its more fun to enjoy a private dining space. In Buenos Aires behind the door dining has become a thing; a private thing. Chefs arent beholden to a menu and you arent hemmed in by packs of bus tourists. Sounds simple, but private dining lets everyone focus on whats most important. Its the food, silly.

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