There are many options for booking travel nowadays, and while some folks are all about the “DIY” approach, for others it is much too time-consuming, stressful, and risky. For travelers on a tight budget, booking the most affordable option online with a stranger might be the most practical choice (unless of course they get scammed by a con-artist), but there are so many benefits of booking through a known and trusted travel adviser that if you can, you definitely should! Below are a few reasons why.

You don’t have to start from scratch

Booking your vacations through a trusted travel adviser year after year means you have someone who knows your travel history and preferences. They know where you have stayed in the past, and if you want to return, they know which region, neighborhood, and house you prefer to be in. If you want to go somewhere new, they know which places you haven’t visited before, and what type of accommodations you prefer. Not having to go through the “getting to know you” part each time you book is a huge benefit of having a trusted travel adviser.

They understand the needs of your travel party

A trusted travel expert will know the make-up of your usual travel party, and select and vet homes with this in mind. If you have a child with special needs or a parent who cannot climb stairs, for example, they will make sure that the home they find for you has a layout that is suitable and safe. If your family has young children, they will book you a home that has resort access to a Kid’s Club so you can fully enjoy your vacation without having to entertain the kids the entire time. They will already be familiar with your family and preferences so you don’t have to remember to notify them of all the family dynamics every time you want to book a family vacation. What a relief!

They save you time & energy

Imagine the amount of time and energy you would spend over the years if you booked through a brand new person each time you wanted to plan a business trip or vacation. This would entail repeating yourself over and over, teaching strangers about your family, travel history, and preferences, and hoping they understand and book you a home that caters to everyone’s needs. It would also mean running the risk of being scammed and booking accommodations that don’t even exist, or are not what they claimed to be. Booking your vacations through a trusted travel adviser who has known you and your family for years ensures that your expectations are met, and gives you time to focus on the special details that make a trip truly amazing.

They have your best interests in mind

Not only do travel advisers save you time and energy, but they actually have your best interests in mind. They know that if you have a wonderful time you will book more travel with them, and if you have a poor experience you will let them know, and thus they are held accountable and have incentive to ensure your needs and wants are met. On the other hand, when you book online with a stranger, hidden incentives may compel them to book you a certain home, even if it’s not suitable for you and your family, and they may not care because they know they won’t work with you again. For example, a trusted travel adviser will let you know that it is monsoon season in Thailand, even if it means losing the booking. A random sales person working on commission may not feel the need to inform you of such things!

So, if your budget allows, we recommend booking your vacations through a travel expert, or at least a travel club, that is familiar with you and your family, and who you trust.

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