Vacations are a special treat. You plan, save, daydream and nitpick to make sure every detail is just right. They’re a chance to reconnect with loved ones and pamper yourself with experiences that fill you up instead of worries about work deadlines or school schedules. You want a vacation that stands out and makes all the planning worthwhile. Time & Place has a passion for creating special moments and we’ve found 3 services that will help make your vacation go from memorable to absolutely unforgettable.


We’ve been fans of this vacation-focused photography service ever since the beautifully mastered portraits of travelers around the world started buzzing around the internet earlier this year. We can all relate to having come home from a milestone trip only to realize the photos you took were lackluster, missing people in your group, or simply didn’t do the memories you made justice. With Flytographer, you get a private photo session with a professional photographer and incredible, edited photos that will capture your vacation memories better than you ever could. Because the photographer is local, they always seem to know how to capture the spirit of their location. Whether you are traveling with family, your best girlfriends, by yourself, or with your sweetheart, we think a Flytographer session is the sweetest way to treat yourself on a trip that you will want to carry in your heart long after returning home.

Need more proof? Check out their blog and review past photo sessions; the smiling faces of artfully-captured travelers is hard to ignore and will have you daydreaming of your next photoshoot. Flytographer now operates in over 200 locations, including 36 Time & Place destinations!

Paris Picnic

Picnic-ing in Paris is a favorite hobby of both locals and visitors to this enchanting city. The creators of Paris Picnic wanted a more convenient way to enjoy this Parisian pastime with all their favorite gourmet nibbles and sips that the city is known for. We are so glad they did because we can’t imagine a more stylish, or delicious, way to spend an afternoon by the Seine or in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower with loved ones. Customers have their choice between 4 artisanal picnic baskets, ranging from traditional French fare like a fresh baguette and foie gras to a pastry themed basket. Of course, wine or bubbly and fresh market selections are in there too. Baskets range from 32 – 58 euros a person and include free delivery, utensils, and our favorite, a picnic blanket for you to keep.

If you’re traveling to Paris, ask your Time & Place Concierge to arrange a special delivery for your group. Intrigued? Check out their Instagram feed and you might find yourself checking airfare to Paris just so you can experience a luxurious Paris Picnic for yourself.

Keaton & Row

One of the most stressful parts about traveling is packing. How much and what you should bring is a constant frustration. And how many of us are guilty of squeezing in a last-minute shopping trip for some pieces to make your trip feel a little more special? Keaton & Row will handle all of the packing stress for you and save you that shopping trip by connecting you with a personal stylist. First you complete an online profile and then you’ll have a personal style assessment with your stylist where you can discuss your taste and vacation needs. Finally, you’ll receive a personalized look book with 5 on-trend head-to-toe looks. If you like what you see, Keaton & Row will handle your purchases of the items or direct you to the correct online retailer. Elevate your next vacation by adding some style and glamour before you’ve even finished packing!

To start planning your own upgrade-worthy vacation, contact the experts at Time & Place today.


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