Let’s face it. January 2015 has come and gone with full-force. There was no easing in to the New Year. No testing the waters with our toes and getting comfortable with what lays ahead for the next 12 months. Nope, it’s full speed ahead. The world is churning along whether or not we’re ready to face whatever looms beyond our daily routines. If travel is on your 2015 to-do list (and it should be!) right now is the best time to tackle the task and get planning. Here are 3 very important reasons why:

Exchange Rate for the Win

The US dollar exchange rate against the Euro hasn’t been this low in 11 years. 11 YEARS! Thanks to an improving U.S. economy and a behavior of deflation in the Euro Zone, now is the right time to be spending money abroad. No, you don’t know what the exchange rate will be at the exact time of your trip, but any reservations you make right now lock-in the price (and current rate) at the time of booking. That can add up to some serious savings.  Take advantage of low rates today by making reservations for your vacation rental, rental car, etc., and use the cash you save on your trip. Because the prices of European goods are decreasing, you can splurge on your favorite luxury items like French perfume, Provencal wine or Italian leather without actually splurging at all. It’s simple. Lower exchange rate = more money in your pocket.

Get What you Want

You’re investing a lot of money and precious vacation days in your trip. So you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than what you want to get your dream vacation. However, you’re not the only one. Book now to make sure you get exactly everything that is on your travel checklist. A luxury Paris apartment in the Saint Germain neighborhood with air conditioning, an elevator, balcony with views, and an extra toilet so you don’t have to share with your teenagers is a hot commodity. Whatever it is that qualifies as your must-have vacation rental home, claim it now before someone else does.

Find Your Pre-Travel Bliss

Research shows that travelers are actually happiest during the planning time leading up to their vacation, than during the trip itself. Get the big stuff like lodging and flights out of the way now so you can focus on the fun, smaller details and settle into pre-vacation planning bliss. Once you get the major decisions out of the way – Where should I go? Where am I staying? How many layovers do I have? The rest is icing on the cake. Instead of stressing out about major logistics in the last weeks leading up to your vacation, embrace the time you have to make plans with your Concierge, research activities for your itinerary, and get some shopping in for travel necessities.

Making your dream trip a reality by booking now, and saving some serious cash while doing it, is an obvious next step. Contact a Time & Place travel expert to get started by reserving a stylish vacation rental home. Find a destination and inquire about availability today. 2015, we’re ready for you!


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