Beaver Creek has always been overlooked because of its big brother, Vail. But if you’d ask someone from Colorado what ski resort and town he or she’d rather visit, I’d bet they’d say Beaver Creek. Situated just a few miles west of Vail, Beaver Creek is nestled into the mountains just off I-70, south of Avon, Colorado. Designed like the skiing chalets of Switzerland, the buildings of Beaver Creek leaves the visitors feeling like they are in another country, thousands of miles away from their worries and responsibilities. Vastly less crowded than Vail Village, Beaver Creek is home to world class restaurants ranging from fine dining on the mountain, to local pizzerias that have been around for decades, Beaver Creek is the perfect destination for all the foodies in the family.

Beano’s Cabin, Dining on the Hill

One of the most unique dining experiences in the entire Rocky Mountain region has to be Beano’s Cabin, an onsite restaurant only accessible by chairlift or Snowcat. This luxurious cabin, hidden in the Aspen trees of Beaver Creek, is the example of fine dining in the Vail Valley. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience like no other, look no further than Beano’s Cabin, but act fast beacuse come April, 5th the doors of Beano’s will close for the summer season.

Blue Moose Pizza, a local gem

Established in 1995, Blue Moose Pizza has been a cornerstone of Beaver Creek dining for two decades. Located in the heart of downtown Beaver Creek, Blue Moose Pizza offers a family-friendly atmosphere just a few steps from the base of the mountain. Serving a signature NY style pizza, the entire family is bound to find something to love. Not all vacations need expensive, cultured eats; in fact some of the best restaurants are the ones that cost the least. Blue Moose Pizza fits that mold perfectly. With an easy ride from all Time & Place homes; visiting downtown Beaver Creek is a must!

Grouse Mountain Grill, authentic Colorado

I have told you about the very upscale Beano’s Cabin and the cheap, yet incredible pizza at Blue Moose Pizza, but now I have something right in the middle. Grouse Mountain Grill, located at the top of Grouse Mountain, is the best Coloradoan restaurant in town. Serving everything from Buffalo burgers to Elk and Lamb, Grouse Mountain Grill serves the best food from around Colorado. Grouse Mountain Grill is perfect for dinner, but remember to ask your Concierge to reserve your place at the table ahead of time.

If you’re craving some delicious eats, along with your breathtaking beautiful and relaxing vacation, contact Time & Place to reserve your Beaver Creek vacation rental home today.

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