At this very moment, cities across the United States Eastern Seaboard are gearing up for what could be the biggest blizzard of 2015. More than 5,800 flights have been cancelled in preparation, as well as schools and businesses from Philadelphia to Boston to New York City. This snow-induced shut down will guarantee a melancholy, gray-cloud, gloomy state of cabin fever in the days to come. To help save your sanity during Snowmageddon we’ve compiled some of our most lust-worthy, sunshiny views to get you through. What better way to survive a monster-blizzard than by virtually escaping to a luxurious – and warm – paradise? It’s OK. We’ve got you covered!


Yoga on the beach in Costa Rica might be just what you need to forget all about the weather.

Costa Rica Vacation RentalIt just doesn’t get any better than this in Santorini, Greece

Santorini Vacation Rental


  Switch things up in Tel Aviv with a view of the Beach Promenade where all the action is

Tel Aviv Vacation Rental


Cotton candy hues make this Anguilla sunset a dream

Anguilla Villa Rental


We can envision a cool drink in our hand at this exclusive Bora Bora spot!

Bora Bora Villa Rental


This chic perch in the French Riviera is just begging for you to break out a cheese plate and glass of wine

Villefranche Vacation Rental


So snuggle in and soak up these sunny views. We bet you’re feeling warmer already! To make these drool-inducing locales a reality – or any other of our 200+ destinations – contact the experts at Time & Place to start planning your next real-life luxury escape.

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