Many people are under the impression that vacations are purely for the summer months, spring break, or Christmas vacation. As passionate travelers, we couldn’t disagree more! We have put together a portfolio of homes across the globe, some in which accentuate the season of fall best of all.

October is one of the most beautiful months of the year because in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the beginning of fall. Across the nation, leaves begin to change colors, expressing shades of green to yellow to brown and eventually making their journey off the tree and onto the landscape. Let this season of change inspire you with 2 destinations where you can experience nature in the most magnificent way.

Aspen, CO

Named after the tree that populates the area, Aspen is truly a sight to see in October. When the slopes aren’t officially open for skiing and snowboarding, Aspen is a quaint, mountain community with a small-town feel. Although winter skiing is the most popular attraction in Aspen, the amount of bike trails, hiking trails, eateries and small boutiques make Aspen the perfect destination for the fall season.

It is impossible to properly describe the color that radiates off the mountainsides when the leaves of the Aspen trees begin to change. You could “google” it to see the beauty for yourself, or you could visit Aspen in person, which we highly recommend you add to your travel bucket list. With a surprising lack of tourists in October, Aspen is the ultimate Rocky Mountain getaway to let nature’s bounty refresh and rejuvenate your spirit. Make a Time & Place luxury vacation rental your home base while you find the adventures that await you in this alpine paradise.

Nantucket, MA

Located just 25 miles off the Cape Cod coast, Nantucket is home to some of the most scenic and breathtaking views on the eastern seaboard. Characterized by its quaint cobblestoned streets and picturesque lighthouses, Nantucket offers a wholesome vibe mixed with the freshest seafood around. Traditionally a fishing community, everything in Nantucket is connected to the oceanfront. Paved bike trails lead to eight unique and refreshing beaches while the downtown is a mix between small stores and delectable eateries.

Whether shell fishing, sailing, eating, drinking, or simply relaxing, Nantucket in October is sure to leave you relaxed and reinvigorated. Be sure to check out Time & Place to view our spectacular collection of homes in Nantucket.

We are not exaggerating when we tell you that October is the most beautiful month to travel to some of our destinations. With the natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean or the seasonal change of the leaves in Aspen, Time & Place is sure to have something for the whole family. Please contact us today to hear about more exciting locations to travel in October, or for any information about travel to Aspen or Nantucket.

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