Paris in the springtime is so magical, there’s a song about it. Paris in the summer is sizzling and sultry, and Paris in the winter is full of sparkling charm. Paris is always a good idea, but Paris in the fall has an allure not found in other seasons. Here are our Top Five reasons to visit Paris this fall:

1. It’s the “off-season,” so airfare and even tickets on the high-speed trains are less expensive. This means more to spend in the latest restaurant hotspots and in fashionable boutiques with an array of haute couture fresh from the runway. October and November are the best months to find sensational deals with airlines that fly into Paris.

2. While summer in the city beckons you to sip rosé along the Seine, there’s no better time than Autumn to delve deeper into the wine culture of France. Slip off to nearby Burgundy or the Loire valley for an afternoon of wandering among jewel-toned leaves in gorgeous vineyards, glass of Pinot Noir in hand. The changing foliage in wine country puts on an unforgettable show and you may even get a peek at the grape harvest.

Paris in the Fall

3. The creative vibe in Paris is palpable in the Fall. ‘Tis the season of new exhibits, art installations, and fresh theater productions. The season-long Festival d’Automne features dance, art, theater, and music, bringing the city to life and offering the opportunity to live like a local. Art lovers will also adore the chance to experience the International Contemporary Art Fair.

4. Fall means freedom. With fewer visitors in the city, you are free to make last-minute plans and follow your whims without worrying about overbooked restaurants, sold-out tours and other activities. This is the season where your heart’s desire isn’t stifled by the crowds found in the spring and summer. One of the best parts of travel is living like a local and having the ability to toss out the itinerary and choose your own adventure, never knowing which fabulous corner of Paris you’ll discover next.

Paris Restaurants

5. Speaking of less crowded, what if you could see the Mona Lisa without peering over the shoulders of a thousand other visitors? Museums are decidedly less crowded and allow you to peruse priceless art at your leisure. Take your time admiring the treasures of the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou. Other landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame are also noticeably less busy this time of year. Whether you’re rediscovering the gems of Paris or experiencing the awe-inspiring sights for the first time, there’s no better time than Fall.

Louvre Paris, France


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