Puerto Vallarta has gained a reputation in the international community because of its world-class beauty and immaculate weather. Consequently, we at Time & Place have put together a property portfolio that not only supplies our clients with the best indoor amenities available, but also with the most breathtaking outdoor areas. Although Puerto Vallarta boasts numerous choices of fun activities and adventures for the whole family, spending time on the beach and by the pool is always the top choice for vacationers.

Of the 7 luxury villa rental homes that we represent, all are equipped with amazing outdoor areas and lavish pools for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. From smaller villas that sleep up to 6 people, to the villas that are capable of sleeping 20 people comfortably, Time & Place has the right villa with the right amenities for you and your group. Here are 5 of our favorite Puerta Vallarta patios and pool:

Top 5 Patios and Pools in Puerto Vallarta

Nemi Eco Villa

5: Nemi Eco Villa

Coming in at number 5 on my list, Nemi Eco Villa is one of the most unique and beautiful villas in Puerto Vallarta. This 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom villa is amazingly comfortable on the inside, and truly awe-inspiring on the exterior. Aptly named Nemi Eco Villa, this home is 100% sustainable, running off eco-friendly solar power and integrating the vibrant plant life with the luxury of your own private villa.

From inside the living room and kitchen, the patio and pool are just beyond the sliding glass windows that allow the ocean breeze to flow freely throughout the villa. Guests can enjoy meals inside the villa at the dining table next to the windows, or guests can make their way outside and over to the covered lounge area. Fitted with 2 couches and a wet bar, guests will find themselves spending most of their time here, enjoying the warm weather while staying shaded from the sun.

When guests grwo tired of the Mexican sun, taking a dip in the pool is just a few meters away from the wet bar and lounge area. Located just next to the opening to the villa, the hot tub invites guests to relax and enjoy a drink while being smothered in the warm water. Attached to the hot tub lies the pool, perfect for stretching your legs and swimming some laps. The pool and hot tub both give off a hint of green; this is explained by the small lily pond connected to the pool area, sprouting plant life that captures the beauty of the natural life around the villa.

Beyond the main patio, Nemi Eco Villa also comes with several smaller terrace areas at each bedroom. Along with a small seating area, perfect for coffee or tea, each of the supplemental terraces feature a private, small bath that guests can utilize at the end of their day. With views of the Pacific Ocean beyond, finding nirvana and relaxation is not a problem at Neci Eco Villa.

Top 5 Patios and Pools in Puerto Vallarta

Villa Luna Creciente


4: Villa Luna Creciente  

Built into the side of a cliff, Villa Luna Creciente’s physical limitations would normally prohibit an architect from creating a world-class villa that also sports amazing outdoor areas and a pool, but that is precisely what has been done. The very large, 6 bedroom villa, hangs on the edge of a cliff overlooking the incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its amazing location, the infinity pool looks as if the water is flowing directly from your pool to the waters of the Pacific below.

Because of the massive cliff that provides the foundation of the villa, the layout has been adjusted accordingly to provide the most comfort inside, while providing space outside to enjoy the Puerto Vallarta sun. In fact, if it wasn’t for the open rock face located inside the villa walls, guests could forget that they are dangling above the ocean. From inside the house, bedrooms are equipped with small, private patio areas that are high enough to see out over the entire cliff’s edge and out onto the Pacific and city below. Guests can enjoy some quiet time with a book while staying close to the beautiful weather.

Back downstairs, the living room and kitchen both have access to the main patio via openings and massive sliding glass windows. Straight ahead lies the infinity pool, pouring over the edge of the cliff, while to the left; a small outdoor lounge area awaits afternoon cocktails. One of the most esquisite features of the outdoor space comes from a staircase that winds down the rocks to a separate patio area fitted with four lounge chairs. Situated below the main patio, guests can tan and relax in the sun without disturbance.

Despite whether a guest wants to enjoy the cool waters of the infinity pool, the quiet of the lower tanning patio, or just a break from the action on their private bedroom patio, Villa Luna Creciente is ready to handle any relaxation request.

Top 5 Patios and Pools in Puerto Vallarta

Villa Tesoro del Mar

3: Villa Tesoro del Mar

Villa Tesoro del Mar is remarkable inside and out. This 7 bedroom villa is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. But this list isn’t about the most luxurious villa on the interior, it’s all about what is going on outside the villa, and for that Villa Tesoro del Mar is one of a kind.

Under the cover of local plant life and hidden from the tourists of Puerto Vallarta, the villa stands alone as a haven for relaxation and peace. The pool deck, which is built into the ground and made perfectly level, is the home to the main pool as well as a separate hot tub, just a few steps from the main patio. To the far end of the pool, the furthest point from the villa, lays a covered cabana fitted with a few lounge chairs and a hammock. Because the villa is nestled among native foliage, the entire pool area, terrace, and cabana are surrounded by lush trees and flowers, making the feeling of exclusivity even more palpable.

The villas indoor amenities are all accessible via the outdoor terrace. On the second story, the bedrooms face the west towards the oceanfront and have another, supplemental, patio with small dining areas and chairs. This patio is high enough to allow guests to gaze over the trees and bushes, out onto the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

Top 5 Patios and Pools in Puerto Vallarta

Casa Peregrina

2. Casa Peregrina

The final 2 villas remaining on the list are what I like to refer to as a “Mega-villa.” These 2 are suited to handle 20 people comfortably. If you are housing a larger group for a family reunion or work retreat, look no further than Casa Peregrina for breathtaking views and awe-inspiring patios.

Casa Peregrina sits high enough on a hillside to grant views out over the gorgeous Bahia de Banderas and Pacific Ocean beyond. Upon entrance to the property, guests immediately take note of the immaculate lawn that stretches along the side of the house. This is just a small portion of the outdoor plant life that encapsulates the villa. Inside the courtyard, a small fountain trickles slowly, while the plant life sways in the ocean breeze.

On the back of the house, the magnificent pool deck presents itself. With lounge chairs perfect for tanning and relaxing by the pool, and a covered dining and lounge area to the far left of the terrace, the main patio is the best place to watch the sunset or enjoy a meal in the breeze. The pool looks out over the city below and the ocean beyond.

Apart from the main patio, the bedrooms also house separate, smaller terraces that guests can enjoy while being in the privacy of their room. The rooms receive a nice amount of natural light without being blinding from the eastern sunrise. Along with these private patios, the villa has several auxiliary outdoor areas fitted with small dining areas and couches.

Top 5 Patios and Pools in Puerto Vallarta

Casa la Villita

1: Casa la Villita

The number 1 outdoor/pool area offered by Time & Place also happens to be the most luxurious and largest villa we offer in Puerto Vallarta. This 18,000 square foot, 10 bedroom, mega-villa allows for you, and 19 of your friends or colleagues to enjoy Mexico in lavish luxury and privacy.

Acting more as a private resort than a villa, Casa la Villita is your private compound for relaxation and fun. At the center of the compound lays the gigantic pool area, accessible from the bedrooms via separate staircases. Acting as the centerpiece of the villa, the pool is surrounded by lounge areas, dining areas, and the living areas. From this area, the villa is elevated and perched along the edges of the patio. Behind the bedrooms, lush trees rise and block out any distraction from the outside world. Peace and quiet permeates the atmosphere. Continuing in the lower bowl, a hot tub entices guests to hop in for a quick dip in the warm waters. Surrounded by chairs and tables, the hot tub makes for a very intimate setting.

On the backside of the villa, on the other side of the main living areas, lays the back patio. From here, guests are subject to the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. This patio features several small dining areas, perfect for the morning coffee or afternoon cocktail, as well as a covered wet bar, situated with several barstools.

Throughout the rest of the villa, small patios and terraces are available for relaxing and taking in the moment. Small coffee tables and lounge chairs makes it easy to isolate one’s self from the rest of the villa. Although weather is rarely an issue in this part of the world, if the rain clouds do approach, guests can find themselves in the indoor/outdoor terrace area outside the kitchen. This area is a great mixture of a solid roof above, but openings in the side that allow the breeze and view to come in. The terrace is fitted with a large dining table and access to the fully covered interior. Regardless of the weather, guests can enjoy their surroundings in complete comfort.

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