Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Romantic dinners by candlelight? Listening to live symphonies or gazing at fine art? If so, then Tel Aviv invites you to enjoy all of its old world charm set within the backdrop of a thriving modern metropolis. Yes, there is more to Tel Aviv than tasting some of the world’s best felafel, so let Time & Place reveal just what to expect in each of the areas of this fine Israeli city.

Old North: Here you will find a trendy area full of streets lined with cafes, restaurants, bars, and even some local designer shops. Time & Place properties Arnon Luxe and Mapu Charm are within a few minutes walk to numerous beaches for sun bathing, Tel Aviv Marina for boating excursions, and Independence Park for picnicking. For a fun day time excursion, head to Park HaYarkon for a hike, bike, or rent a small paddle boat to glide on the smooth Yarkon River until it meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Guide to Tel Aviv

Independence Park

Guide to Tel Aviv

Park HaYarkon

Shopping in this area ranges from funky to elegant, with most venturing here to find that perfect dress for wedding season. To examine the upscale formal wear selection, head to northern Dizengoff Street, once described as the “Champs-Elysees” of Tel Aviv. Once tired from your shopping spree, head for vegetarian fare at Organic Fetish on Arlozorov Street. Or just on the corner of Dizengoff and Arlozorov tryout the famous brunch at Nola American Bakery.

Guide to Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Street

Guide to Tel Aviv

Nola American Bakery on Dizengoff

For elaborate cocktails and a stunning sunset view on the balcony, head to Fitzroy’s on the HaYarkon boardwalk. Our pick is the “English Garden Cup,” concocted using celery infused gin, orange liqueur, vermouth, tarragon and spicy ginger ale. For picturesque dining seaside or happening nightlife, head to Namal Tel Aviv.

The Center: Occupying the biggest area of the city, what is know as “The Center” you will find a wide range of things to do, see, taste, and buy. Along the western side of this district you can walk, bike or even segway along the beautiful beaches stretching along the length of the entire city. Think Miami Boardwalk meets the far east!

Dotted throughout these streets you can find gardens and squares perfect for a nice stroll or picnic. Noteworthy spots: Meir Garden, London Square, and Kikar Rabin Square. The nearby Trumpledor Beach is popular for those looking for some peace and quiet.

The impeccable Time & Place apartments, Shalom Aleichem and Geula Luxe are only a 5 minute walk to the beach or 15 minute walk to the famous Carmel Spice Market where you can get a real taste of Israeli food and culture among the boisterous vendors selling fresh fruit, veggies, spices, cheeses, fish, meat, and baked goods. While here, feel free to sip on the famous Israeli “Tea Nana” (fresh mint tea), or try a “Black Cafe” (Cardamom infused Turkish style coffee). For those looking to indulge, try out some “Borekas-im” (small pastries wrapped with either savory or sweet goodies).

Lev Ha Ir (Heart of the City): Appropriately named, this area of town is the place to feel the unique charm of Tel Aviv. Boasting many cultural exhibits are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the National Theater, Israeli Philharmonic, and Mann Auditorium. All of these are within walking distance of our luxurious Time & Place property, Sderot Chen, in Lev Ha Ir.

Do not miss taking a stroll down one of the “Grand Boulevards” complete with benches, shade from beautiful old trees, and even a few playgrounds. The four main boulevards are stock full of cafes, bars, and restaurants. They are:

  • Rothschild Blvd starts at the Habima theater and continues to Allenby Street.
  • Ben Zion Blvd leads from King George Street to the Habima.
  • Sderot Chen goes from the Habima to Rabin Square.
  • Ben Gurion Blvd stretches all the way from Rabin Square to the beach.
Guide to Tel Aviv

Sderot Chen

You could easily mistake yourself for being in Paris or another European sister city, while also feeling like you are in a quiet sanctuary away from all the hustle and bustle. Not sure if you can handle all that walking? You might try renting one of the self-serve green bikes, complete with helpful carrier bins for your beach, picnic, or shopping bags and over 150 bike stations throughout Tel Aviv to pick up or drop off. Check out their website for locations and instructions:

Guide to Tel Aviv

Cyclists on a Tel Aviv boulevard

Last but not least, when shopping for leading trends, head to Shenkin Street where many Israeli designers hang their racks. When looking to peruse an outdoor market head to Nachlat Binyamin. On Friday afternoons between April and October you can even catch some street performers here.

Tel Aviv can keep you busy, keep you lazy, but most of all, keep you happy! Getting around within the city to different neighborhoods is a snap via foot, bike, taxi, or public transport. English is spoken almost everywhere, and often times you can hear many foreign languages too. Just don’t forget to come in peace, “Shalom,” and give thanks with “Toda Raba!”

Contact Time & Place now to book one of our luxury apartment rentals for your home base for whatever exciting adventure brings you to Tel Aviv!

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