The Height of Luxury: Your Personal Vacation Concierge

I have never advertised for a concierge. For this role, key to the success of Time & Place, I have personally discovered someone very special in every instance.

Successful concierges share qualities difficult to distill in a resume: a sense of adventure; imagination and intuition; excellent listening. A dynamite concierge prompts guests to try something new and acknowledges when guests need a respite. That break may even be from the concierge himself; we understand solitude is a luxurious and precious gift.

Our Time & Place Concierges range from master sommeliers and chefs, to sport and adventure enthusiasts and beyond, but there is one constant. Our concierges are truly passionate about their hometowns and are personally invested in guests having the time of their lives.

Unlike most vacation home rental agencies our concierges are in touch with our guests within hours of booking to understand their needs and desires for their trip and they work one-on-one with our guests to dream up fantastic experiences.

One of our concierges accompanied his guests to the emergency room in the middle of the night to translate; many have helped a nervous groom plan a marriage proposal; one helped transform a young girl into a princess with a custom dress fitting with a Paris coutourier. Time & Place Concierges are special. Youll know it when you meet them.

Contact us at Time & Place to find the perfect luxury home for your vacation. We have already found the perfect Concierge.

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