Saint Martin is a perfect blend of the best of both worlds; vibrant Caribbean paradise and French sophistication. Which also means that food is a serious matter on this little slice of paradise.

Known for the quality and variety of our restaurants, make sure to visit both sides of the island to get the most of your culinary adventure in the Caribbean. From a beach side lean-to restaurant offering fresh conch fritters, to a truly Japanese sushi experience, this island will surprise and delight. Or course, the French and Dutch cuisine here is outstanding too. Ask your Time & Place Concierge team for our favorite places.

For a local experience, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings you can shop for the evening meal at the colorful Marigot Market on the Boulevard de France. When I go, I always bump into countless characters and people I know while taking in the aromas of tropical fruits and spices, as well as freshly caught fish. Its the perfect opportunity for mingling, people watching, and sampling the islands homegrown produce. Feel free to cook your own meal in your luxury home’s fabulous designer kitchen, or let us provide you with a private chef to make a culinary masterpiece out of your delectable selections.

If you are feeling adventurous, and want to make sure your fish is as fresh as can be, catch your own fish for dinner on a deep sea fishing expedition!

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